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  • The information collected here regarding the "March on Washington" can point the way towards understanding "ALL" that happened to cause the iconic event known as the Martin "Luther King" March on Washington. Please be sure to watch videos that are related to this issue.


    Clifford Black 989 days ago

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    Why I Use Assignment Writing Service Companies

    By WilsonS101 57 days ago

    Categories: Professional Services

    0/10 stars (0 votes)

    Assignment Writing Service providers are no new idea to students. Many have considered or even sought out the services of these companies at one point in their academic life. For many of those who have had the privilege of getting services from...
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    Thesis Statement Wring: Get a Top-Notch Paper

    By wassed 197 days ago

    Categories: Education Research & Innovation

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    Thesis Statement Wring: Get a Top-Notch Paper
    college, university, writing assignment, education
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    S&P Downgrades Bahamas Bonds to Junk Status

    By NMEX Aministration 516 days ago

    Categories: Finance & Investments, Law Accounting Insurance & Government

    0/10 stars (0 votes)

    #The Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) leader yesterday lamented that too few Bahamians understand the ‘junk’ downgrade’s significance, and will only wake-up when Miami shopping trips are priced beyond their means.
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    Natural Pest Repellent

    By Adisa 671 days ago

    Categories: Agriculture & Aquaculture

    0/10 stars (0 votes)

    Natural Pest Repellent
    Leaves from a mint plant can not only add a refreshing fragrance to your home, but it also acts as a natural pest repellent to repel ants, rodents and even spiders!   For use as a pest repellent, prepare a well-concentrated mint tea. Place it...
    • Public

    Will The Bahamas Benefit as a Defacto Neo-Colony of China?

    By CBA - Concerned Bahamians Abroad 754 days ago

    Categories: Finance & Investments, Law Accounting Insurance & Government, Social & Religious Empowerment

    0/10 stars (0 votes)

    With the impending opening of Cuba to U.S. based Tourism and Investment, the economies of many Caribbean Countries dependent on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) such as the Bahamas are predicted to be seriously impacted. The Chinese meanwhile have...
    • Public

    Separation of Powers Problems Affecting the Bahamas International Reputation

    By CBA - Concerned Bahamians Abroad 754 days ago

    0/10 stars (0 votes)

    Bahamian Government Cabinet Members and the Speaker of the House of Assembly recently apposed an Injunction ordered by a Supreme Court Justice which would prevent Parliament from using its Rules of Parliamentary Privilege to introduce information...
    • Public

    The United States-Caribbean Strategic Engagement Act of 2016

    By CBA - Concerned Bahamians Abroad 756 days ago

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    The United States-Caribbean Strategic Engagement Act of 2016
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    Cooper-Jones Education initiative

    By Clifford Black 783 days ago

    0/10 stars (0 votes)

    our yearly convening
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    50th SuperBowl Halftime Show

    By Adisa 830 days ago

    0/10 stars (0 votes)

    The 50th NFL Superbowl halftime show included a dance routine from Beyonce Knowles.  Beyonce and the other dancers in the routine wore clothing fashioned after the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.  The performance and the chosen...
    • Public

    The One-Straw Revolution

    By Adisa 992 days ago

    0/10 stars (0 votes)

    “I do not particularly like the word 'work.' Human beings are the only animals who have to work, and I think that is the most ridiculous thing in the world. Other animals make their livings by living, but people work like crazy, thinking that...