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National Market Report

The National Market Report (NMR) details current issues involving emerging businesses, investments, and global markets, and their impact on Wall Street, other world financial centers, global business and capital markets.

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5 Paths To Generational Wealth In The Modern Global Economy

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By National Market Report 262 days ago

Categories: Agriculture & Aquaculture, Art Music Entertainment Travel & Sports, Computers Software & Information Technology, Construction & Real Estate, Consumer Goods & Business Products & Services, Education Research & Innovation, Energy Electronics & Instruments, Finance & Investments, Health Care BioMed Technology & Research, Internet Technologies & Telecommunications, Law Accounting Insurance & Government, Professional Services, Publishing & Media, Social & Religious Empowerment

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Simply put, the modern World is increasingly dominated by the need for Money. Most people therefore aspire to become wealthy, and gain Generational Wealth for their family. While this goal is readily attainable in modern times, it is also becoming more difficult for younger generations to accomplish due to the increased competition and inflation in the global marketplace.

There are generally 5 Paths To Generational Wealth In 'The Modern Global Economy' available to competitive entrepreneurs willing to put in the hard work necessary to build their own pathway to major financial success.

  1. Get and maintain the best 'Day Job' that you can find. A good Day Job is essential to establishing the strong work ethic, responsibility, and competitiveness that will be necessary for you to eventually succeed in the highly competitive entrepreneurial and investing global marketplace. A good Day Job also provides the stability and steady income you will need until you can develop the other business and investment assets and attributes needed to become truly wealthy and create Generational Wealth. (click here to see more details). Some are fortunate enough to have a Day Job which affords them opportunities to develop their natural and extraordinary talents, resulting in significant amounts of income as professional athletes, musicians, entertainers, artists, producers, scientists, and innovators. These types of Day Jobs can provide accelerated access to Generational Wealth if managed properly. They may also provide opportunities to benefit from development and/or ownership of valuable Intellectual Capital and legally enforceable Intellectual Properties, the engines to successful Modern Global Business. (click here to see more details)
  2. Learn and practice Self Directed & Controlled Investing (SDCI) in the World's best Capital Markets while maintaining liquid assets. Use your money to make money. The wealthiest people in the World have generally made their fortunes either directly or indirectly from investing in the Capital Markets. Investing in the Capital Markets allows you to legally buy as much ownership as you can afford in the World's best businesses, and no one can stop you from doing so. Investing is ultimately the most important aspect of gaining Generational Wealth. If you do not engage in SDCI or some other form of Capital Market Investing you are not playing in the right ballgame to become Wealthy and gain Generational Types of Wealth. Those who talk about, and think that they are Wealthy but do not have an organized business approach to investing in The Capital Markets are only fooling themselves and others about their prospects of becoming wealthy. (click here to see more details) and (click here for much more)
  3. Some type of business operation must be developed to provide the revenue source needed to build Generational Wealth. In the modern global economy this will likely require learning and building an E-Commerce Marketing & Farming business operation. This will supplement your income from your Day Job, and provide more revenue to invest in the Capital Markets. These E-Commerce efforts will connect, utilize, and benefit from sales to the billions of online customers in the constantly growing global marketplace. (click here to see more details)
  4. Learn and build a Video Marketing & Farming Business in the lucrative Media & Entertainment Space, and to assist your efforts in marketing Affiliate and Self Controlled Products & Services in your E-Commerce operations. The Video Productions can also serve as a direct source of income from YouTube and Social Media Platforms who need your content for their advertising efforts. (click here to see more details)
  5. Learn and practice Government Contracting, and Grant Research & Writing to benefit from the many large Domestic and International sources of Government Contracts and Grants increasingly available in the modern global marketplace. (click here to see more details)

Conducting any successful business and sales transaction requires knowing 'What and Where is the Product or Service, and Who, Why, and Where is the Buyer'.

Many entrepreneurs believe that they will need a lot of resources and money to start and build a business operation that will bring Generational Wealth. This is not necessarily so since many of the biggest businesses have been started from 'Scratch". However if you think you need to raise significant capitalization and funding, click here and read the section on 'Private Businesses Seeking Capitalization & Funding'.

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National Market Report

National Market Report

The National Market Report (NMR) details current issues involving emerging businesses, investments, and global markets, and their impact on Wall Street, other world financial centers, global business and capital markets.

The National Market Report (NMR), is hosted by Intellectual Property and Securities Attorney Harlington L. Hanna Jr., founder of the Law Firm Hannaian Law Associates  (http://hannaianlaw.com. He is...


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