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National Market Report

The National Market Report (NMR) details current issues involving emerging businesses, investments, and global markets, and their impact on Wall Street, other world financial centers, global business and capital markets.

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The Power of Black America

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By National Market Report 470 days ago

Categories: Art Music Entertainment Travel & Sports, Education Research & Innovation, Social & Religious Empowerment

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The Power of Black America
Harlington L. Hanna Jr.

I am proud and honored to be an American. Even more so, I am proud and honored to be a Black American.

It wasn't always this way because it is only in more recent years that I have given these concepts a lot of thought. As I have mentioned to some of my friends and other people who I trust would understand what I mean, I have asked them to take a very close look at me and tell me what they see. I joke that the "Older I become the Blacker I become". In other words the Older I become, the more I have come to appreciate what being Black and American means, and how it has allowed me and others similarly situated to positively contribute to the Country's and the World’s progress.

Black Americans hold a unique and somewhat enviable position among Blacks the World over. This is because we live, participate, influence, and contribute to the enormous impact the United States of America has upon the World and its progression.

The United States is truly a unique country considering the conglomeration of numerous ethnicities living together in what is the World's most successful multicultural community of extraordinarily talented people. Except for the Indigenous people, Americans have all moved from somewhere else at some point in time and made it our home. 'The Great American Experiment' has truly been a tremendous success. It has been so, no matter the difficulties derived from building a Country upon the combined work of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and White people. Despite widespread indoctrination, it has never been a "White" Country and certainly day by day it is becoming less "White", which of course is the reason a certain segment of the White population is somewhat concerned. They need not be in fear however, as they will still have all of the numerous benefits of the 'Great American Experiment', and in fact more so with time.

The contributions of Black Americans to the overall Economy of the United States is often overlooked, but the Spending Power of Black Americans alone has been estimated to be greater than that of the entire Economies of Countries as large as Canada, and Australia. But perhaps more remarkable, are the contributions of Black Americans to Global Democracy.

Historically, almost every major development in World Democracy and Civil & Human Rights can be related back to the battles and struggles for equal justice, and actions championed through the Black American Experience. 'The Black American Experience', is perhaps the most important element defining 'American Democracy', and what for many, has made The United States the leading model of 'Democracy' Worldwide.

The more we study the various Campaigns and Movements for Civil Rights and Democracy in America, the more we should realize, appreciate, and be grateful for the leadership, cultural power, influence, history, and uniqueness of the Black Experience in America. The founding, composition, and performance of the World’s largest and most powerful Multi Racial & Cultural society has had a profound and positive Global impact on the vicissitudes of life globally for Blacks and nonwhites, no matter in whatever Society, or Country they may be domiciled.

Yes, Black America with all its faults and historical problems has in fact been a powerful force in the development and progress of so much we all take for granted today. Those of us who are Black, and who are not afraid of being identified as Black, can indeed be proud of our accomplishments and contributions to World progress.

Can anyone imagine what life and progress would be for Blacks globally in a World dominated by European Colonialism without the influence of the Black American Experience, and the Power of Black America to equalize the equation? Yes, I am proud and honored to be an American, and even more so, I am proud and honored to be a Black American.

National Market Report

National Market Report

The National Market Report (NMR) details current issues involving emerging businesses, investments, and global markets, and their impact on Wall Street, other world financial centers, global business and capital markets.

The National Market Report (NMR), is hosted by Intellectual Property and Securities Attorney Harlington L. Hanna Jr., founder of the Law Firm Hannaian Law Associates  (http://hannaianlaw.com. He is...


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