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The Mississippi Delta

what towns are in the mississippi delta - Yahoo! Search Results ...

Map of Mississippi and the Mississippi Delta - Delta Bohemian



AgriVest is a Community Outreach Program designed to promote, encourage, and provide opportunities for individuals from underserved communities to receive Training & Education, and to experience the benefits of Research & Investment in Agriculture based activities.

The program is focused on growing Timber, Hazelnuts, Mushrooms, and Landscaping.

Each Student Participant will have access to dedicated specially approved farming areas by the Delta Ecology Research Conservancy (DERC) for varying periods of up to six (6) years to learn and conduct their farming activities. Any harvest from the activities can be used by the participant at their discretion.

Student Participants should apply for the Program by indicating and describing their areas of special interest and contacting DERC by email at office@msderc.com.


  • Specialty Wood Products

    Specialty Wood Products

    By Delta Ecology Research Conservancy 577 days ago

    Categories: Agriculture & Aquaculture, Art Music Entertainment Travel & Sports, Construction & Real Estate, Consumer Goods & Business Products & Services, Education Research & Innovation, Finance & Investments

    Specialty Wood Products derived from rare woods such as the special Oaks grown and nurtured in the Mississippi Delta at Tree Farms operated by The Delta Ecology Research Conservancy (DERC) provide an important source of craftsmanship and industry...

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About DERC

Contact email: office@msderc.com
Brief description: The Delta Ecology Research Conservancy Center (DERCC) provides members with special privileges, information and Archives related to the People, Ecology, Agriculture, Music, and Literary History of the Mississippi Delta.

Preserving Delta CHHAARM
(Culture, History, Health, Agriculture, Arts, Rights, & Music)

The Delta Ecology Research Conservancy (DERC) is dedicated to the Study, Teaching, Stewardship and Conservation of the Mississippi Yazoo Delta Ecology, Natural Environment, People, Culture, and their impact on the Culture & Economy of The United States and The World. DERC focuses on the conservation and preservation of the history, culture, and economy of the Mississippi Delta and Mid-South. The Mississippi Yazoo Delta and its comparatively small population is one of the most historic, prolific, and productive environments in the world.

The Mississippi Delta begins in the lobby of The Peabody Hotel in Memphis and ends on Catfish Row in Vicksburg.

DERC preserves and archives the numerous contributions the Mississippi Yazoo Delta and Mid-South has made to the development, leadership, and worldwide dominance of the United States in Music, Art, Literature, Agriculture, Theatre, and Civil Rights. It includes a large Hardwood & Wildlife Preserve, and a Conference & Media Center with Production and Housing Facilities.

Delta Area Map


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Delta Research Conservancy


  • Civil Rights & Music History in Quitman County Mississippi

    By Delta Ecology Research Conservancy 132 days ago

    Categories: Art Music Entertainment Travel & Sports, Social & Religious Empowerment

    Quitman County Mississippi situated in the heart of the famous Mississippi Yazoo Delta has a history of American Civil Rights and Music most small counties the United States can only dream about. The Town of Marks is the Capital City in Quitman...
  • The New America – Mississippi All Over Again

    By Delta Ecology Research Conservancy 400 days ago

    Categories: Social & Religious Empowerment

    Since the historic election of Barack Obama in 2008, the first Black man to be elected as President of the United States, followed by the apparent Blacklash (Backlash) election of Donald Trump in 2016, there is a New America quickly arising and...
  • Where Is The Real Robert Johnson Blues Crossroads?

    By Delta Ecology Research Conservancy 406 days ago

    Categories: Education Research & Innovation, Social & Religious Empowerment

    Where Is The Real Robert Johnson Blues Crossroads?
    Perhaps no other American Music Myth has attracted more attention and interest among Music Historians than the Blues or Devil’s Crossroad. The mystery and search for the actual location of Robert Johnson’s Blues Crossroads where he supposedly sold...


  • Why the Mississippi Delta Matters | W. Ralph Eubanks || Harvard Radcliffe Institute

    By Delta Ecology Research Conservancy 124 days ago

    Categories: Social & Religious Empowerment

    Harvard Radcliffe InstituteAn author and a journalist, W. Ralph Eubanks focuses in his work on race and culture in the American South. His most recent book is A Place Like Mississippi: A Journey through a Real and Imagined Literary Landscape (Timber...
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  • DERC Photos

    DERC Photos

    By Delta Ecology Research Conservancy 406 days ago
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Delta Ecology Research Conservancy Center (DERCC)

Delta Ecology Research Conservancy Center (DERCC)

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  • Delta Ecology Research Conservancy Center (DERCC)

    Delta Ecology Research Conservancy Center (DERCC)

    The Delta Ecology Research Conservancy Center (DERCC) provides members with special privileges, information and Archives related to the People, Ecology, Agriculture, Music, and Literary History of the Mississippi Delta.
  • FotoPolling Center

    FotoPolling Center

    The FotoPolling Center provides FotoPolls (popularity contests and prizes) for free registrants of FotoBanker.com and NMEX who have uploaded their Fotos (photos, images, videos) and their FotoBoards to the Platform.
  • Hannaian TraderLine

    Hannaian TraderLine

    The Hannaian TraderLine Center on NMEX is operated by the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (HIPG) to report its investment research and related activities. The Center contains the Hannaian Intellectual Property Stock Reports, based on research and investment techniques pioneered by HIPG since 1994.
  • NMEX Media Center

    NMEX Media Center

    The NMEX Media Center is the place on NMEX that general audio/video broadcasts to the NMEX community can be accessed. Special broadcasts may also be available through other specialized or private NMEX Centers.
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