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US Africa Trade Centers (USATC)

  • Public

US Africa Trade Centers (USATC)

The US Africa Trade Centers (USATC) are organized to service the commercial and consumer needs of the large and growing African Consumer Base. The USATC headquarters are located in the following locations within The United States and the Continent of Africa.

US Africa Trade Center - Ghana (USATC Ghana)
The US Africa Trade Center - Ghana (USATC Ghana) office is based in Accra, the Capital City of Ghana in association with The Crown Commodities & Trading Company (CC&T).

US Africa Trade Center - Memphis/Mississippi Delta (USATC Mid-South USA)
The USATC Mid-South USA office is operated in association with The National Market Exchange Inc. (NMEX Memphis), and County Economic Development Offices in the Mississippi Delta.

The US Africa Trade Centers (USATC) are dedicated to facilitating trade between Africa and The United States. A major Project is The Africa Mid-South USA, Mississippi Trade Project.

The Africa Mid-South USA, Mississippi Trade Project focuses on the following:
-Mid-South & American based Tourists to Ghana & Africa (African American Heritage)
-African Based Tourists to Memphis, The Mid-South, & The Mississippi Delta (African American Heritage, Music, Civil Rights, Casinos & Entertainment)
-Sales of Ghana/Africa Products & Services to The Mid-South & The United States
-University & Exchange Education, in Business, Investments, Agricultural, & Environmental Technologies between Ghana/Africa and the Mid-South/Mississippi Delta Region
-Mid-South & US based University Students, Researchers, Scholars Program
-Access to Mississippi Based Casino, Gaming, & Entertainment Industry & Technologies
-Capital Markets Business & Investments
-Intellectual Property and Internet Based & Related Business Technologies

Sales of Mid-South Products & Services to Ghana & Africa
-Soy Beans
-Poultry Products
-BBQ Briquettes & Spices
-Timber (Fine Furniture, Lumber, Construction)
-Seedling/Sapling Trees (Climate Change & Deforestation)
-Acorn & Nut Products, & Flour
-Organic Fertilizers

Trading In World Commodities & History

  • Ghana's Famous Historical Castles & World Tourist Attractions
  • Historic Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee on the Mississippi River, in Mid-South America's Famous Commerce Region
  • Rice - A Major Product of The Mississippi Delta in African & Global Commerce
  • 'Cotton Is King' - The First Major U.S. Export Worldwide, and Historic Mississippi Delta Product
  • Africa - An Important, Large, & Growing Economic Engine, World Trade Center, & Market

Global Business Development

 The National Market                                          Exchange (NMEX)

is a Business Development Exchange and Marketplace designed to provide a national and international marketing automation platform for business transactions and related opportunities. It is also a Hub for Investments, Technology Transfer, Innovation, and development of creative productions, ideas, and Wall Street friendly, globally scalable corporate operations. The free, highly interactive online platform provides entrepreneurs and innovators with integrated tools, services and marketing automation to promote businesses, products, services and ideas.

Sellers and promoters of any type of product, service or idea, should have a presence on the National Market Exchange.  "You are only as good as your competition". NMEX affords you maximal use of the Internet to be market competitive. No other Internet Marketing Platform offers as much Fundraising, Investment, Business Development and Affiliate Marketing processes in one Site. All functions are accessible through the Main Tools Menu above, Special Services Menu below, and a powerful Search EngineRegistration is free and easy. Register here for full access.



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Africa Commodities Trading Co.

Crown Commodities  & Trading Company (CC&T)

US Africa Trade Center - Ghana (USATC Ghana)

Accra, Ghana

Contact & Enquiries Information

Email: info@internationalmarketexchange.com


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Hannaian Law Associates

Hannaian Law Associates
Securities, Investments, Intellectual Property, Music, Entertainment, Sports, & Health Law

Hannaian Law specializes in providing Securities, Investments, Intellectual Property, Music, Entertainment, Sports, & Health Law. Within the Capital Markets Hannaian Law provides Intellectual Property, Securities and Investment law services essential for Public & Private Offerings, Equity Infusions, Startup Business Operations, Entity Structuring, Company Maintenance, and other Entrepreneurial Ventures.

For Contact & Further Information
Use Email or the Inquiry Section below for Questions about our Services, or to leave a Request for Services.

Mailing Address
Hannaian Law Associates

P.O. Box 588
Indiantown, Florida 34956
(772) 486-3184

National Market Exchange

National Market Exchange (NMEX)

US Africa Trade Center - Memphis/Mississippi Delta (USATC Mid-South USA)

Contact & Enquiries Information
Email: info@nationalmex.com
Telephone: (772) 597-2300

Online Websites

For our online Contact form please visit: http://nationalmex.com/contact-us

Delta Ecology Research Conser.

Preserving Delta CHHAARM
(Culture, History, Health, Agriculture, Arts, Rights, & Music)

The Delta Ecology Research Conservancy (DERC) is dedicated to the Study, Teaching, Stewardship and Conservation of the Mississippi Yazoo Delta Ecology, Natural Environment, People, Culture, and their impact on the Culture & Economy of The United States and The World. It Archives information related to the People, Ecology, Agriculture, Music, and Literary History of the Mississippi Delta.

The Mississippi Delta begins in the lobby of The Peabody Hotel in Memphis and ends on Catfish Row in Vicksburg.

The Delta Ecology Research Conservancy 

(772) 486-3184

Contact email: office@msderc.com

For Contact & Further Information

Use Email or the Inquiry Section below for Questions about our Services, or to leave a Request for Services.