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Frequently Asked Questions

Category: NMEX Benefits

Which types of entities and individuals should use NMEX services

NMEX was specifically designed to benefit the marketing and promotional efforts of the following categories of business entities and individuals:

Publicly Traded Companies

Established Privately Held Companies

Small & Startup Businesses

Professional Practices

Joint Venture Projects

Inventors & Researchers

Internet Marketers & Business MarketMakers

Affiliate Marketers

Retail Investors & Traders

Meeting & Event Planners

Government Agencies

Schools & Churches

Organizations & Institutions

Entertainment Management & Producers

Artists & Entertainers (NMEX Entertainers Showcase)

Sports Management & Agents

Aspiring College & Professional Athletes (NMEX Amateur Athletes Showcase)


What is different about having a website and presence on NMEX?

Just Being on NMEX Makes a Difference

NMEX is the best choice for your Internet Marketing Base
NMEX is an excellent platform to host your primary or secondary websites, but more important you should have a presence on NMEX as your base for internet and affiliate marketing activities, even if you host your primary and secondary websites elsewhere on the Internet or on social media. Internet Marketing is the most important factor in modern global marketing campaigns. Once you establish a primary and secondary website somewhere on the Internet you must still establish an ongoing and consistent Internet marketing campaign and presence to promote your products and services. NMEX allows you to host both your primary and secondary websites, and your Internet marketing base all on one platform.

If you are trying to sell, market or promote anything over the Internet you must utilize the Seven (7) Priorities of Internet Marketing to be successful.

These Seven (7) Priorities of Internet Marketing based on their relative levels of importance are as follows:

Internet Marketing Priority
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of Content
2. Targeted Email Marketing (TEM)
3. Data Mining & Auto Posting (DMAP)
4. Content Affiliate Marketing (CAM)
5. Product Affiliate Marketing (PAM)
6. Paid Advertising (PA)
7. Social Media Networking (SMN)

The first step in implementing these priorities is having an Internet site, presence and marketable content which is SEO and Internet Marketing Primed and globally competitive.

NMEX based sites are unique and different from non-Internet Primed Marketing Sites because of the following major attributes:

  1. All NMEX sites are Internet Marketing Automation Primed (IMAP) - Internet Marketing Automation utilizes processes which allow promotion and marketing of material in an automated fashion, reducing time and effort in marketing campaigns.
  2. NMEX Sites are primed for hosting your Primary Domain Name - While you may not have the resources, expertise and time to build and maintain a globally competitive Internet Marketing Automation Primed (IMAP) website for your Primary Domain Name (e.g. www.nationalmarketreport.com), you will be able to direct your Primary Domain Name to your NMEX based and hosted website (e.g. www.nationalmex.com/report) and receive all of the benefits of a fully domained website with NMEX Internet Marketing Automation Primed (IMAP) capabilities.
  3. NMEX Sites are easily structured and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) - Full (Primary) Market and After (Secondary) Market Search Engine Optimization of sites and content is the top priority of professional Internet Marketers because it utilizes organic search processes to passively bring traffic to the site and content.
  4. They are fully integrated into a marketplace environment designed with integrated marketing tools and services - The NMEX Platform is an integrated marketplace which contains many tools and services to assist registrants in marketing, promoting and selling their products, services and NMEX website.
  5. They are Data Capture Ready (DCR) - Data Capture and Mining is one of the top priorities of Internet Marketing Experts. All content pages on NMEX are designed to easily capture visitor contact information, preferences and interests.
  6. They are Image Opportunized, FotoOpps capable - Pictures are worth a thousand words, Videos a thousand pictures, NMEX sites are opportunized to utilize images to assist in marketing campaigns. A special NMEX program called FotoOpps further assists in utilizing images to affiliate market NMEX based products and services.
  7. They are Content Marketing Ready - Relevant and Interesting Content is the hallmark of modern Internet Marketing in the highly competitive Internet marketing environment. NMEX Sites have numerous ways to display and layout content, and afford sophisticated organization of content in various formats which is essential for proper Internet Marketing and SEO efforts.
  8. They are Affiliate Marketing Optimized - Affiliate Marketing is the hidden gem in Internet Marketing and Sales. Experts and various studies reveal that a fast increasing percentage of all Internet sales are now accomplished through one or more Affiliate Marketing processes. An increasing cadre of talented independent Affiliate Marketers are constantly setting the standards in Internet Marketing. All studies show that Internet Marketing is currently the most important way to sell products and services either directly or indirectly, but now increasingly accomplished through Affiliate Internet Marketing. All NMEX sites, tools, and services are optimized for Affiliate Marketing.
  9. They are Community & Social Media capable - The NMEX Platform is built with a combination of unique state of the art Content Management Systems (CMS), and Community/Social Media Technology which allows non technical, non coding users to build and update their NMEX website and content. It also provides for a significant amount of interactivity between registered users, site visitors, and other Community and Social Media platforms and sites. This interactivity and ability for users to easily post information, images and even build and customize their own websites without coding and technical expertise is a most important factor in keeping NMEX websites relevant and constantly updated. This capability also significantly reduces the need for expensive professional Information Technology (IT) assistance and the associated costs of operations.
  10. NMEX provides compartmentalized operations for Users and Registrants in any field or industry - While NMEX is a comprehensive platform which provides sophisticated integrated tools and services for the general development of any business effort, the platform can be utilized with a compartmentalized approach, keeping each site and business essentially distinct from others at the Users discretion. Users therefore need not concern themselves with the broader purpose and functions of the total Platform, and instead primarily focus on their own niche and industry within the Business Development Exchange.
  11. NMEX Sites are Userpoints (Nupits) enabled - Registered Users on NMEX automatically accumulate Userpoints (Nupits) for productive utilization of their Sites, based on a special algorithm. Nupits can be beneficially utilized in many ways. They can be used to redeem awards, or as a type of Exchange based currency to negotiate and pay for Nupit enabled transactions on the exchange. This is a powerful feature of NMEX Sites which significantly adds to the business development and marketing efforts of NMEX Registered Entities.
  12. NMEX Sites are free and easy to build and maintain - The combination of tools, services and marketing expertise available on NMEX are completely free with no need to upgrade to a subscription level for most Registrants. This is basically unmatched elsewhere, and a most important benefit in reducing the tremendous costs and need for professional services in developing a business in the highly competitive modern global business environment.

These factors make NMEX platform based websites significantly different from most if not all Internet based marketing platform sites, and particularly very different from the many primarily Social Media based platforms and sites.

How can I use NMEX to help me make money

Although NMEX is designed to assist in business development, individuals who may not have an ongoing business can use the NMEX Income Opportunity Center to assist in developing ways to make or supplement their income.

If you do have a business that you are trying to grow to any significant level, a primary focus of NMEX Business Development activities is its focus on Trading, Investment, and M&A opportunities. The ability to understand the Capital Markets and Wall Street corporate behavior from an Investor's viewpoint is essential to growing businesses in the modern global Economy.

Various NMEX functions such as the NMEX TraderLine which provides NMEX Registered Entities and Subscribers with access to Trading and Investment data, techniques, strategies and research is an important step in providing Income opportunities and insight into unique ways to grow businesses and projects.

The NMEX Income Opportunity Center covers opportunities, strategies and methods for NMEX Registered Entities to develop Income building activities using the various Ecommerce tools on the NMEX platform.

NMEX Based Income Opportunities

Using the NMEX Portal to Create Income & Raise Revenue

1.  Search NMEX Contract & Job Listings for contracts and Job opportunities

2.  Market & Sell Your Products & Services using the NMEX Classified Market Ads, and NMEX Auctions

3.  Use your NMEX site and content to market and sell Affiliate Products.

4.  Sell tickets to your Events managed on NMEX.

5.  Use the NMEX Event Management and Marketing systems to Joint Venture with Meeting & Event Owners/Organizers and Promoters on Event Management, Marketing, and Promotions.

6.  Sell various types of Vouchers through the NMEX Voucher Service.

7.  Become a NMEX MarketMaker. Sell and promote your services to businesses, companies and projects who use or can benefit from NMEX functions and services to develop their businesses.

8.  Use the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (HIPG) Investment & Trading system as hosted on NMEX to build your own trading & investment business.

9.  Use the NMEX Crowd Funding & Partnering Platform and marketing tools to raise project funding and partnerships.

10. Use the NMEX Joint Venture Contracting System to Joint Venture with NMEX based, and non NMEX based enterprises.


What are the benefits of registering on NMEX?

Registrants on NMEX are eligible for a number of important benefits including use of the infrastructural tools on the Hub designed to enhance their national and international business presence, and improve their ability to network, market and sell their products and services.

Many of the tools and functions of NMEX can be utilized freely by Unregistered Users. However Registration on NMEX is quick, easy and free. Registered Entities, and Investor Trader, MarketMaker, and Listed Company Subscribers enjoy even more benefits.

NMEX Users may enjoy the following benefits based on their registered status:

- Access investment, trading, funding opportunities, and proprietary information and research reports through exclusive NMEX processes
- Easily establish and maintain a full website and Internet presence without having any coding experience
- Automatically benefit from NMEX Internet traffic, and the sophisticated marketing programs NMEX utilizes to market its operations
- Easily showcase and promote your products, services, projects and proposals through NMEX marketing processes
- Raise funding and business development assistance through NMEX Crowdfunding processes, and the NMEX User Point System
- Access joint venture business partners through NMEX
- Sell products and services on NMEX
- Auction products and services on NMEX
- Post and access Joint Venture and other contracts, and employment opportunities through NMEX processes
- Post and access special business development Vouchers on NMEX
- Access important Business Development information and services exclusively available through NMEX
- Enhanced access to discounted NMEX Business Client Services designed to grow your Business operations nationally and internationally

NMEX is a state of the art, full featured Business Development platform, much of which is free to Registered Entities. In addition to the standard uses available, innovative business owners will discover many of their own unique methods of utilizing and customizing their presence on NMEX to benefit their business operations.

Sellers and promoters of any type of product, service or idea, will benefit from having a presence on the National Market Exchange.

Many of the benefits of registering on NMEX are more fully detailed and explained in the How To Set Up & Use NMEX documentation at http://nationalmex.com/pages/view/126/setup-information-for-nmex-users, or in the similar document under the FAQ section of the Portal.