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Useful OTC Products

Information on OTC medications and products frequently used by our providers, and which may be more readily available online. We encourage you to consult your provider prior to using them, or to use the EyeVisionNet.com Consult & Referral Program to detail your eye signs and symptoms for further information and recommendations.

Ocular Allergy

Naphcon A Eye Allergy Relief Drops
A good OTC for red eyes and itching, however it should not be used for sustained care. For the temporary relief of redness and itching of the eye(s) due to: ragweed, pollen, grass, animal danger and hair. Formerly a prescription item. Combines an antihistamine and a redness reliever for the temporary relief of itchy, red eyes.

Opcon-A Eye Allergy Relief Eye Drops (.5 fl. oz.), another option same as Naphcon-A for allergy relief.

Alaway 60 Day Supply Eye Itch Relief Drops and Treatment
Good for itching and allergic symptoms. Provides rapid itch relief, and protects against further itching for up to twelve hours! It uses original prescription strength itch relief, soothing your eyes for an extended period of time.

Eye Vitamins and Antioxidants

Taking Eye Vitamins and antioxidants is an important proactive approach toward slowing the compounding effects of age-related vision changes. The combination of vision-specific minerals, botanicals and potent antioxidants, all researched to protect and support eye tissue, provides a powerfully effective way to promote eye health.

Ocu Support
Clinical Strength,
90 Vegetarian Capsules,
NOW Foods

Ocu Support Clinical Strength, 90 Vegetarian Capsules, NOW Foods


NOW Foods Ocu Support Clinical Strength

NOW® Clinical Strength Ocu Support™ has been formulated to offer comprehensive nutritional protection for the eyes. Each serving has 10 mg of available Lutein, a critical pigment of the macula, lens, and other ocular tissues. Lutein is a free-radical scavenger related to beta-carotene that defends the eye from the ravages of sunlight.

NOW® has also included Green Tea Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Grape Seed Extract in this formula to maximize its free radical scavenging potential.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Veg Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin A (100% as Beta-Carotene) (Betatene®) 10,000 IU 200%
Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 250 mg 417%
Vitamin E (as d-alpha Tocopheryl Succinate) 100 IU 333%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) 15 mg 882%
Vitamin B-6 (from Pyridoxine HCl) 10 mg 500%
Vitamin B-12 (as Methylcobalamin) 100 mcg 1667%
Zinc (from L-OptiZinc® Zinc-L-Methionine) 7.5 mg 50%
Selenium (from SelenoPure™ L-Selenomethionine) (Yeast-Free) 50 mcg 71%
Chromium (from ChromeMate® Chromium Polynicotinate) 50 mcg 42%
Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex 100 mg
Rutin Powder (Sophora japonica) (Flower Bud) 100 mg
Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) (Aerials) 100 mg
Green Tea Extract (Camelia sinensis) (Leaf) (up to 4 mg of naturally occurring caffeine) 50 mg
Taurine 50 mg
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 50 mg
Bilberry Extract (Vaccinium myrtillus) (Fruit) (min. 25% Total Anthocyanosides) 25 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 25 mg
Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera) (Standardized for Polyphenols) 25 mg
Ginkgo biloba Extract (Leaf) (min. 24% Ginkgoflavonglycosides & min. 6%
Terpene Lactones) 20 mg
CoQ10 (as Ubiquinone) 10 mg
Lutein (Free-Form) (from FloraGLO® Marigold Flowers Extract) 10 mg
Zeaxanthin (from FloraGLO® Marigold Flowers Extract) 500 mcg
L-Glutathione (Reduced-Form) 2.5 mg

Other Ingredients: Cellulose (capsule), Cellulose Powder, Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source) and Silica. Vitamin E from non-GMO soy.

Platinum Liquid Eye Care 8 oz from Nature's Answer

For patients who cannot take pills or soft-gels or who prefer a liquid, this provides liquid eye vitamin and antioxidant support, along with minerals, protective phytonutrients and carotenoids synergistically combined in an "eye friendly", easily absorbable liquid formula.

PreserVision Soft Gels Eyecare Vitamins and Supplements (120 ct.)
These Eye Vitamins & Antioxidants have been validated by major research as preventing cataract development and macular degeneration. A good supplement to a daily multivitamin for people over 40.

Ocuvite Adult 50+ Eye Supplement and Vision Care Vitamins (50 ct.)
Bausch & Lomb Ocuvite Adult 50+ softgels offer the unique combination of vitamins and minerals that will help your eyes stay healthy while maintaining their natural, vibrant look.

Dry Eye & Tear Deficiencies
Tear supplements are the only OTCs that can be used routinely on a sustained basis to help with dry eye and tear deficiency symptoms and disorders.

Thera Tears Lubricant Eye Drops
A lubricant to relieve dryness of the eye. A protectant against further irritation of the eye, and temporary relief of burning, irritation, and discomfort including exposure to wind or sun. Patented formula replicates human tears. TheraTears becomes preservative free on eye contact, and is designed for eyes with mild to moderate dryness, or eyes that need occasional or maintenance treatment.

Systane Nighttime Lubricant Eye Ointment
Systane is scientifically formulated to shield eyes from dry eye discomfort so that eyes feel moist and refreshed longer. You should feel its smooth, soothing shield work immediately.

Systane Contacts Lubricant Eye Drops
Enjoy lasting all-day comfort, with Systane Lubricant Eye Drops.

Genteal Severe Dry Eye Gel Drops Treatment (.34 oz.)
GenTeal Gel delivers Advanced Hydration with a dual lubricating system that works in separate layers of the eye for long-lasting relief of dry eye symptoms. GenTeal Gel contains GenAqua. GenAqua creates an environment that protects the eyes just like natural tears, making it safe to use over the long term.

Eye Scrub Sterile Eye Makeup Remover And Eyelid Cleansing Pads
Eyelid and makeup cleaner. Should be used to routinely clean eyelids and remove makeup. 

Hylexin Serious Dark Circle Eye Cream, Paraben Free, 0.5 oz, Bremenn Research Labs
Hylexin is the first product specifically developed for serious dark circles... Hylexin is formulated to help reduce the appearance of serious dark circles and chronic puffiness surrounding the orbital eye area.

Eye Cream by Revitol CPA
For Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes. Researchers combined scientifically advanced and proven compounds to reduce dark under-eye circles and puffiness and simultaneously reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in younger looking eyes.

Kinerase Eye Cream - Under Eye Rescue Cream
Reduces Puffiness and Dark Circles using soothing, natural ingredients, Kinerase is a gentle and effective line of Hypoallergenic/non-comedogenic products for the skin. Recommended for all skin types.

Soothe Intense Repair Eye Cream
This twice daily treatment was developed to relieve puffiness and remedy dark circles. It softens, and soothes wilting, sensitive undereye skin. Vitamin K firms and strengthens while Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid soften and regenerate skin.

Computer Eye Strain Formula Eye Drops
An Eye Strain Formula specifically designed to address the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), including eye fatigue, squinting, headaches, blurry vision and sensitivity to glare. It has clinically proven ingredients which help to increase blood flow, improve accommodation, and reduce inflammation for a noticeable difference while using the computer.

More About The Network

Brief description: EyeVisionNet is a national eyecare patient network providing eyecare patients and consumers of eyecare products and services with numerous benefits, including excellent care and reduced costs of services.
Contact email: eyenet@eyevisionnet.com
Telephone: (772) 486-3184

Important Notices

Patient Health Voucher Benefits
Patients who have received Vouchers from their practitioners should register on NMEX and complete their profile in order to receive the full benefit of using the Voucher within the entire network of Providers. While non-registrants will still be able to use their vouchers with their personal provider, access to other products and services within the Network is restricted to NMEX registrants only.

Patients can access Vouchers from their Provider by visiting the Voucher Menu item on the Provider's NMEX Site, or the main menu Voucher listing, or the EyeVisionNet Center menu Voucher listing. They can also use the Search function to access a particular Provider's Voucher(s).

Benefits available through the Vouchers will change from time to time therefore holders of Vouchers should review Voucher benefits online on a regular basis.

Patient Registration
Patients should register on NEMX and then visit The EyeVisionNet Patient Center and request membership to access the various benefits and opportunities available through EyeVisionNet.

Provider Registration
After registering on NMEX Providers should fully complete their Profile, and then request membership in the EyeVisionNet Provider Center to access further details and instructions on using EyeVisonNet and NMEX support processes.

Group activity


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The EyeVisionNet Consult & Referral Program (CRP) provides assistance to patients who are experiencing eye & vision symptoms and problems, or who may have questions that need answers or referrals to practitioners for diagnosis and treatment. To submit inquiries about your eye or vision problem visit our Consult & Referral Program (CRP).

The EyeVisionNet National Voucher System (NVS) Provides eye and vision care patients and consumers with numerous benefits which supplement their health insurance and eye/vision care plans, or provides certain benefits for those who may not have any assistance with access to proper eye and vision care.

For example, many insurance and eye vision care plans provide only one office visit per year, even though most eye and vision problems require followup visits. EyeVisionNet NVS solves this problem with vouchers which provide significant discounts on followup visits.

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EyeVisionNet EyeCare Network


Welcome to EyeVisionNet

EyeVisionNet Group is a national eyecare patient network providing eyecare patients and consumers of eyecare products and services with numerous benefits, including excellent care and reduced costs of high quality products & services.

EyeVisionNet also has a division which provides private practice management services, and a national healthcare network for eyecare professionals including Optometric Physicians, Ophthalmologists, and Opticians. The Network provides these professionals with corporate, infrastructural, and management support for their practices, and enhanced quality of clinical and administrative care for their patients.

EyeVisionNet with its network of experts in Eye, Vision, & Optical products & services is integrally involved in the business of developing new and innovative products & services in the targeted industries. These efforts are Led by its founder Dr. Harlington L. Hanna Jr., former professor, and practicing Optometric Physician with a specialty in Neuro-Optometry and Pediatric Eye Care. Dr. Hanna is also a lawyer specializing in Intellectual Property, Securities, and Academic Technology Transfer Law.

Provider Membership in the Network is free to qualified Providers. Visit www.eyevisionnet.com to register.

Patient Registration
Patients should register on NEMX and then visit the EyeVisionNet Patient Center and request membership to access the various benefits and opportunities available through EyeVisionNet.

Provider Registration
After registering on NMEX Providers should fully complete their Profile, and then request membership in the EyeVisionNet Provider Center to access further details and instructions on using EyeVisonNet and NMEX support processes.

EyeVisionNet is a Listed Company on the National Market Exchange (NMEX). Providers and Patients join the Network without cost by registering on NMEX and requesting membership in their respective Centers.

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