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NMEX Aministration


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NMEX Administration: Revision

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National Market Exchange Corp Administration

President & CEO
Harlington L. Hanna Jr.

Executive Vice President
Kristen A. V. McMullen

Vice President, International Operations
Monique Olurin

Vice President, Markets & Investment Research
Steve Deveaux


NMEX Regional Centers & Representatives

Southeast United States
Atlanta, GA

Mid-South United States
Memphis, TN

Southwest United States
Houston, TX

Western United Sates
Las Vegas, NV

Midwest United States & Canada
Detroit, MI

Northeast United States
New York, NY

Nassau, Bahamas

The National Market Exchange Corp (NMRX) is a privately held corporation. At this time there are no outstanding public or private offerings of stock or stock options of any type. If or when private or public offerings of NMEX stock or stock options become available, potential acquirers of such securities will have to specifically comply with the relevant provisions of the Securities & Exchange Commission and/or relevant State securities laws and regulations. No statements or actions contained within the NMEX online platform, or affiliated partner sites should be deemed as an offer to transact the acquisition or sale of securities in any form or manner unless specifically indicated.



(772) 597-2300
(772) 597-4300

NMEX Online Management

NMEX can be accessed online from a variety of sources and the following proprietary Domains: http://www.nmexonline.com, http://www.nationalmarketreport.com, http://www.fotoopp.com, http://www.fotoopps.com, http://www.fotooppit.com, http://www.fotoopit.comhttp://www.fotooptit.com, http://www.photooppit.com, http://www.photoopit.com, http://www.photooptit.com, http://www.thenationalmarketexchange.com



The National Market Exchange (NMEX) is a Business Development Exchange  designed to provide a national and international market automation platform for business transactions and related opportunities.  Sellers and promoters of any type of product, service or idea, should have a presence on the National Market Exchange.

NMEX is also a Hub for modern Technology Transfer and development of Innovation and creative productions and ideas. An important feature is its Global Trading  & Investment Hub, and focus on trading, investing, and  M&A  strategies in the business development of Wall Street friendly, globally scalable corporate operations.

NMEX Business Development Services provide entity structuring, management, marketing, advertising, and investment banking support necessary for national and global operations. The free highly interactive online platform provides entrepreneurs and innovators with integrated tools and services to promote businesses, products, services and ideas. All functions are accessible through a powerful Search Engine,  the Main Tools Menu above, and Special Services Menu below.