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Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group


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The Hannaian Awards: Revision

Last updated 1188 days ago by NMEX Aministration

Categories: Art Music Entertainment Travel & Sports, Education Research & Innovation, Health Care BioMed Technology & Research, Internet Technologies & Telecommunications, Publishing & Media, Social & Religious Empowerment

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The Hannaian Awards

The Hannaian Awards are given to deserving individuals who have achieved exemplary excellence in their chosen endeavors and pioneered the way for others in adverse circumstances. The Awards are given by the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (HIPG), one of the most successful groups of professional investors in the U.S. The group's members are primarily of African American and Caribbean heritage. HIPG has recently become noted for developing a unique system for non-institutional investors and individuals of average means to successfully invest in the public securities markets. 

The Awards are generally presented at Hannaian Investment Conferences. See the Recipients and Presentations below.


Sir Arlington Butler

Hannaian Lifetime of Empowerment Award 2000

Sir Arlington G. Butler, recent Bahamian Ambassador to the United States, received the Hannaian Lifetime of Empowerment Award, for his years of service in education, law and government in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The award was established to honor those who have spent a lifetime empowering others to do their best and to be the best. Sir Arlington's long and distinguished career in education, the law and government and diplomatic service provided the basis for his selection for the award. Several of the Ambassadors former students from the Government High School were present during the conference and ceremonies, including Dr. Harlington L. Hanna Jr. C.E.O. of Hannaian U.S.A., and Steve Deveaux, market analyst and financial planner, who participated in the conference. Michael Brennen another former student and long time resident and community activist in Delray Beach Florida presented Sir Arlington with the award. Also in attendance from Barbados was Dawn Thompson Marshall a former high school classmate of Sir Arlington's.


Harvey Poole Sr.

Hannaian Distinguished Pioneer Award 2000

Harvey Poole Sr., distinguished citizen of Belle Glade, Florida who was honored with the Hannaian Distinguished Pioneer Award for his invaluable contribution to the Broadcasting Industry in the Untied States. Mr. Poole is the longest running, continuously on air African-American radio personality and broadcaster in the U.S., delighting and enlightening audiences since 1945. The Distinguished Pioneer award was established to honor those who have paved the way for generations of others in their particular field of expertise. During his many years as a radio personality and broadcaster Mr. Poole has participated significantly in almost every aspect of life in the Glades. His far-reaching broadcasts have become well known throughout South Florida and the Bahamas. His pioneering ways also paved the way for his son Harvey Poole Jr. to follow in his footsteps, the junior Mr. Poole also having achieved much success in the broadcasting industry. Mr. Poole can still be heard on WSWN, Sugar 900 A.M. in the South Florida area.


Garth C. Reeves

Hannaian Distinguished Pioneer Award 2001


Garth C. Reeves Publisher Emeritus of the Miami Times

Garth C. Reeves, Sr., The Miami Times’ retired publisher who became the enduring patriarch of a family newspaper dynasty after decades of fighting the political establishment and while guiding the black community through the city’s racial problems. For many years Reeves led the prominent Miami based newspaper and many social and economic causes related to African Americans in the South Florida area. 


Richard D. Williams 

Hannaian Distinguished Pioneer Award 2001


Richard Williams Tennis mastermind and father of Venus & Serena Williams broke new and historic ground training and leading his superstar daughters not only to Tennis stardom but also to some of the most lucrative contracts in sports history. Williams was also honored for his devotion to family values as an exemplary parent and father to his children and family.

Reeves and Williams received the Awards at the Groups Winter Investment Retreat in Hutchinson Island Florida, January 13, 2001. The Martin County Board of County Commissioners, and the Martin County Business Development Board also co-sponsored the event. 


Willie Mitchell

Hannaian Distinguished Pioneer Award 2001

Image result for willie mitchell musician pictures

Image result for willie mitchell musician pictures

American trumpeter, bandleader, soulR&Brock and roll, pop and funk record producer and arranger who ran Royal Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. He was best known for his Hi Records label of the 1970s, which released albums by a large stable of popular Memphis soul artists, including Mitchell himself, Al GreenO. V. WrightSyl JohnsonAnn Peebles and Quiet Elegance.


Rufus Thomas

Hannaian Distinguished Pioneer Award 2001

Image result for rufus thomas musician pictures Rufus Thomas Picture




No photo description available.

Rufus Thomas was an American rhythm-and-bluesfunksoul and blues singer, songwriter, dancer, DJ and comic entertainer from Memphis, Tennessee. He recorded for several labels, including Chess Records and Sun Records in the 1950s, before becoming established in the 1960s and 1970s at Stax Records. He is best known for his novelty dance records, including "Walking the Dog" (1963), "Do the Funky Chicken" (1969) and "(Do the) Push and Pull" (1970). According to the Mississippi Blues Commission, "Rufus Thomas embodied the spirit of Memphis music perhaps more than any other artist, and from the early 1940s until his death . . . occupied many important roles in the local scene."[4]

He began his career as a tap dancervaudeville performer, and master of ceremonies in the 1930s. He later worked as a disc jockey on radio station WDIA in Memphis, both before and after his recordings became successful. He remained active into the 1990s and as a performer and recording artist was often billed as "The World's Oldest Teenager". He was the father of the singers Carla Thomas (with whom he recorded duets) and Vaneese Thomas and the keyboard player Marvell Thomas.


Mayor Fred Montgomery

Hannaian Distinguished Pioneer Award 2001

Image result for henning mayor fred montgomery haley pictures

Mayor of Henning, TN, Director & Curator of the Alex Haley Museum. Childhood friend of Roots author Alex Haley and the first black mayor of the rural west Tennessee town of Henning.


Ernest Withers

Hannaian Distinguished Pioneer Award 2001


Famed Civil Rights Photo Journalist. African-American photojournalist. He documented over 60 years of African American history in the segregated South, with iconic images of the Montgomery bus boycottEmmett TillMemphis sanitation strikeNegro league baseball, and musicians including those related to Memphis blues and Memphis soul. In 2010, it was claimed that Withers was recruited and paid by the Federal Bureau of Investigations' COINTELPRO program to inform on the US Civil rights movement for nearly two decades beginning shortly after his first photograph of Martin Luther King Jr.

Photojournalist Ernest C. Withers was born on August 7, 1922, in Memphis, Tennessee. Withers got his start as a military photographer while serving in the South Pacific during World War II. Upon returning to a segregated Memphis after the war, Withers chose photography as his profession.

In the 1950s, Withers helped spur the movement for equal rights with a self-published photo pamphlet on the Emmitt Till murder. Over the next two decades, Withers formed close personal relationships with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Medgar Evers, and James Meredith. Withers's pictures of key civil rights events from the Montgomery Bus Boycott to the strike of Memphis sanitation workers are historic. Indeed, Withers was often the only photographer to record these scenes, many of which were not yet of interest to the mainstream press.

Withers photographed more than the southern Civil Rights Movement. Whether Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, and other Negro League baseball players, or those jazz and blues musicians who frequented Memphis’ Beale Street, Withers photographed the famous and not-so famous. Withers’s collection includes pictures of early performances of Elvis Presley, B.B. King, Ike and Tina Turner, Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin.

In his more than sixty-year career, Withers accumulated a collection of an estimated five million photographs; his works appeared in The New York Times, Jet, Ebony, Newsweek, and Life and were featured in touring exhibits and shows around the country. For his life’s work, Withers was elected to the Black Press Hall of Fame and received an honorary doctorate from the Massachusetts College of Art.