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NMEX Joint Venture Production & Marketing System (JVPMS): Revision

Last updated 3714 days ago by NMEX Aministration

Categories: Finance & Investments

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The NMEX Joint Venture Production & Marketing System (JVPMS)

The NMEX Joint Venture Production & Marketing System (JVPMS) is a unique service which affords NMEX Registrants the ability to contract with other entrepreneurs and developers. A most important element in building and operating a successful globalized business is employing the assistance of talented collaborators. The NMEX contracting system allows entrepreneurs and developers to float contracts to find and secure talented collaborators, joint venture partners, and employees.

JVPMS also allows developers to build and maintain a network of marketers to help them develop, promote, and market their products and services globally. JVPMS assists in effectively and affordably building a distribution system which helps producers market their products and acquire valuable shelf space in venues and geographical locations they may otherwise have difficulty personally accessing.

JVPMS is especially applicable to independent innovators with products such as musical recordings, movies, videos, books, software, and other inventions that need assistance with production and wide distribution.

The NMEX Userpoint and Online Contracting system adds useful and affordable elements when combined with JVPMS by allowing Producers who may not have adequate funding to use NMEX Userpoints and Contracts to award other NMEX registrants who are willing to act as joint venture production and marketing partners for the project.

Producers seeking Joint Venture Production and Marketing partners can simply post the details of the joint venture production or marketing proposal as a contract on NMEX and come to agreement with potential joint venture respondents using the processes within the JVPMS.

The NMEX Master Joint Venture Production & Marketing Contract (MJVPMC) affords a simplified means of pursuing joint ventures on a pre-agreed, pre-determined, and definitive basis between NMEX affiliates. The MJVPMC accomplishes this by providing many of the details to such ventures in a standardized contract specifically developed for use in the NMEX system and which can be downloaded and modified as needed for most basic joint venture projects. NMEX Registrants utilizing the NMEX Contracting system are deemed to agree to the terms of the NMEX MJVPMC unless otherwise stated and modified in writing.

While the standard MJVPMC can be modified for most purposes, the final Joint Venture Production & Marketing Contract (JVPMC) will usually require supplemental contract product and service details and pricing, which is usually added in the Contract posting and by file download. Based on the complexity of the transaction additional legal or other consultation may be needed to fully complete the contractual details and transaction. If needed these additional services are available through NMEX Business Client Services.

Compensation for participation in any JVPMC other than NMEX Userpoints should be fully detailed in the Contract. JVPMCs may take varying forms based on the applicable product or industry. Disputes in all NMEX based transactions are covered under the NMEX Dispute Resolution System (NDRS).