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Have Your Food & Other Items Delivered Even While Travelling

Get your food & supplies delivered even while Traveling. In the new age of needing to self prepare your own foods and having items delivered for health & safety reasons, companies like BJ's Wholesale Club have some interesting programs even for Travelers. Click here to see more.

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BJ's Wholesale Club

We now recommend using face masks whenever possible while travelling, and also at Entertainment and Sporting events. The following masks are recommended.

Anti Microbial Reusable Face Masks

Disposable Surgical Face Masks

New Ideas for Eating While Traveling

Today with the extra concern about becoming infected through contact with people, things and food, new rules of conduct are becoming more important. A major example is being able to control where, how and from who you get your food supplies, and who prepares your food.

In researching topics surrounding these concerns particularly for the expected increase in self conducted travel by car or vans throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and major countries where self controlled Travel particularly for Entertainment purposes, we discovered some interesting and important new tools.

Portable grills, and microwave and other ovens which plug directly into the cigarette lighter in your car or van either while you are travelling is a must. These devices allow you to control your eating and dining options on the go without stopping to go into crowded environments and eating food prepared in potentially unhealthy operations.

These types of travel tools should provide an increased level of comfort and peace of mind for domestic travelers.

Special Offers

Ticket Monster is a retail website that sells competitively priced tickets to all live sporting, concert, and theater events nationwide through a powerful and engaging user interface. Ticket Monster provides exceptional value while offering low prices and no fees. Tickets are obtained directly from the ticket owners, ensuring customers a price that no one on the web can beat. If the customer is not 100% satisfied with the purchase or the event is cancelled, Ticket Monster guarantees a full refund.

Memorable Vacations Start Here!

Whether you are looking for a quaint cottage on the outskirts of Seattle, an inexpensive hotel on the Riverwalk in San Antonio or a luxurious property in downtown Boston, Vacations Made Easy has the property for you!

Las Vegas Shows
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LastMinuteTravel.com is a full service online travel agency for bargain shoppers where thousands of great deals on hotels, vacation packages, cruises, flights and more are merely a few clicks away. Save up to 50% on Hotel + Car Packages on LastMinuteTravel.com.

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 GigaGolf Custom Golf Clubs 

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Entertainment - Sports Tickets


Book your Tours before you Travel
provides the latest information on Tourism based Tours and Junkets. Tourists and Travelers can book Tours, and review the latest information on Tours before they travel, in order to better plan their trips. Tour Operators can register easily to list their Tours.

Tourists and Travelers View Tour Listings

Walking, Biking, Driving, Self Guided Tours with specially prepared self-guide information

Walking, Biking, Driving, Boating, Guided Tours

Expert Tour Guides available for specially arranged Tours


Tourists & Travelers Register here to book Tours and receive other Travel Benefits

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Gourmet Products

For our valued Travelers and Chefs we have discovered a most flavorful
spicy hot pepper sauce


You may also be interested
in a variety of other fascinating Gourmet products

About TESN

Telephone: 772-597-2300
Contact email: junkanoo@hannaian.com

The Travel, Entertainment & Sports Network (TESN) brings operators of travel, entertainment and sporting events together with consumers of their products and services. TESN industry affiliates and consumer members benefit from the exposure to travelers and entertainment consumers worldwide. Consumer members of TESN receive special information, discounts on related goods and services, and free access to opportunities for travel, entertainment and sporting events.

TESN is the publisher of "The Junkanoo Report", a blog for 'Junkanoos', people and groups who like to travel for entertainment, sporting events, and reunions. Junkanoo is also the traditional name of the carnival type festival and contest of music and dance originally celebrated in the Carolinas, and now the national festival of the Bahamas.

Registered TESN affiliates and members also receive a marketing automation website after registration. The website can be utilized at their discretion to promote their business or projects. Affiliates and members accumulate valuable NEMX Userpoints (Nupits) with their use of their website, which can be used in various transactions on NMEX.

Annual subscriptions to TESN are inexpensive at only $46. Subscribers gain facilitated access to all benefits, however basic registration to TESN is free, quick and easy, and provides access to many travel and entertainment benefits.

The Travel, Entertainment & Sports Network (TESN) is a listed company on the National Market Exchange (NMEX).

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The Travel
  & Sports Network

Santizing PPEs

Life as we knew it has been transformed by the spread of COVID19. With the rampant uncertainty and ever evolving recommendations, it falls upon each of us to exercise collective and individual responsibility for safeguarding ourselves, our families, and our employees.  Many are adhering to the the CDC's recommendation to observe social distancing and wear face masks to help contain the transmission of the virus. In some areas single use masks are scarce, and in some cases unavailable and or cost prohibitive, and reports are that some are resorting to repeatedly reusing these single use PPEs.

The risk involved in such re-use is that the masks become veritable petre dishes, storing and multiplying a host of bacteria and viruses. If you don't have access to washable masks, you can explore options for simple home sterilizing techniques to sanitize your masks, clothing, accessories, and even your car. One option recommended by some is Ozone sanitizing using an Ozone Sterilizer and a resealable plastic tub – used in a well ventilated area. Ozone sanitizers are also recommended for combating mold and mildew on clothing, accessories and appliances, another issue arising from buildings being sealed off without ventilation for months.  Search the internet for recommended sterilization options.




During crowded events, meetings and interactive educational activities we now recommend using face masks whenever possible. The following masks are recommended.

Anti Microbial Reusable Face Masks

Disposable Surgical Face Masks

  • Understanding Travel & Entertainment U.S. Tax Expenses

    By The Travel, Entertainment & Sports Network 2768 days ago

    Categories: Art Music Entertainment Travel & Sports, Finance & Investments

    If you travel for Entertainment purposes it is important to understand the Tax implications if you are a U.S. person for Tax purposes. The links below will help you understand the issues. A more complete review can be obtained by visiting the...

Entertainment & Festivals

Had enough of the Vegas Experience?

Experience Authentic Island and Caribbean Food, Fishing, Boating, Eco & Heritage Tours.

H. Bartlett-Hanna
Cheryl A. Pyfrom
D. T. Hanna Jr.
TheJunkanoo Tours

Schedule and manage your Entertainment Events and Festivals here.

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INDUSTRY CENTER - Art, Music, Entertainment, Travel & Sports

INDUSTRY CENTER - Art, Music, Entertainment, Travel & Sports


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