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  • JUL

    Hanna Heastie Tynes Family Reunion 2020

  • 2018 Hanna Heastie Tynes Reunion - Charlotte, North Carolina

    2018 Hanna Heastie Tynes Reunion - Charlotte, North Carolina

    By Hanna Heastie Tynes Family 6 days ago

    Categories: Art Music Entertainment Travel & Sports, Social & Religious Empowerment

  • 2016 Hanna Heastie Tynes Reunion - Freeport Bahamas

    2016 Hanna Heastie Tynes Reunion - Freeport Bahamas

    By Hanna Heastie Tynes Family 1242 days ago

    Categories: Art Music Entertainment Travel & Sports, Social & Religious Empowerment

  • Family Reunion 2016

    Family Reunion 2016

    By NMEX Aministration 1448 days ago
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About The Family


A Brief History of the Hanna-Heastie-Tynes Family

The Family's origins began with the settlement in the Bahamas of three men, two from Scotland and one from England. These men John Hanna, George Heastie, and Benjamin Tynes are responsible for the surnames that we know today as the major surnames represented in the Family. Their offspring who eventually married into other families introduced the African side of the family. The original African roots of the Family have understandingly been more difficult to trace than the European roots.

The early Family in the Bahamas ended up in the three islands of Acklins, Crooked Island & Long Cay in the Southern Bahamas. The major portion of the Family ultimately settled in the Pompey Bay area of Acklins Island, which is regarded as the main family seat in the Bahamas.

As the Family members dispersed from the Southern Bahamas Islands they established important footholds in other areas most notably in Nassau, Hanna Hill in Grand Bahama, and even as far away as Hanna Town in Delray Beach, Florida and Liberty City, Miami, Florida in the United States.

Today the Family is widely dispersed around the world with the more significant populations in Nassau, Bahamas and in the Southern Florida region of the United States. Ironically the Family seat of Pompey Bay Acklins is permanently inhabited by only one family with a few seasonal residents. Other areas of Acklins, Crooked Island and Long Cay now have more resident members of the Family than the Pompey Bay Area.

Due to their Scottish and possibly Irish roots the early family was somewhat clannish in nature and kept tight controls on their land and family traditions. They were notorious for protecting access by outsiders into the Pompey Bay area and preferred to intermarry within the confines of the original three families. Their clannish nature led to the first few generations being almost exclusively members of one of the three families and a very tight knit society. They developed a reputation for being an honest, hard working, highly independent and somewhat eccentric group of people. These traits were also responsible for making them a fairly successful group in business and other activities within the Bahamas


Sapodilla Estate Resort

Hanna Heastie Tynes

Reunion 2020

July 30 – August 2, 2020
Sappodilla Resort, Nassau, Bahamas (A Family Island Experience)


Register Online

Hosted by our Nassau, Bahamas Family

Please note that this is the proposed Itinerary and subject to change. More information to follow. Let’s make this reunion a success. Please circulate. Complete Registration is $180 adults, $125 children 6 and over which include Goody bag with Reunion Shirt, all events, & transportation to major events. Please return application with a deposit or full payment as soon as possible to reserve your space.

Thursday, July 30, 2020       

Family Meet Family Night 

  • Registration
  • Check In at Hotel
  • Welcome Reception/Family Meet Family Social – History Sharing/Exhibits
  • 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
  • Casino Optional 

Friday, July 31, 2020           

  • (bring family information to share as well as your talents) 
  • Bus Island Tours 
  • Leisure time for shopping and Hotel Beaches
  • Family Meeting Afternoon 4pm
  • Evening – Bahamas Cultural Show Family Group Meeting
  • Night FREE visiting/mixing & mingling. Check out the local nightlife.

Saturday, August 1, 2020                        

  • Bus Island Tour 
  • Restaurant/Beach Stop for Bahamian Cuisine (conch salad, fried fish, conch fritters, etc. (individual cost – averaging no more than $20)
  • “Ole Time Party in the Back Yard” Dinner/Dance with live music (Tropical Attire) Venue TBA
  • Games & prizes
  • Emcee for the evening. Family Talent on Display. Register to be on the program.

Sunday, August 2, 2020 

Church Service Anglican Church

  • Bus Pickup
  • Luncheon Church Hall
  • Farewells

Monday, August 3, 2020 

  • Optional – Family stay over 

Contacts: Peggy Knowles (242) 426-5720, Anthony Tynes (954) 326-6794, tought@bellsouth.net, Ingrid Stuart (Florida) (954) 867-6511, ingridstuart@yahoo.com, Keith Seymour, eseymour@batelnet.bs, (242) 727-9583 (Freeport), Denise Tynes (242) 727-5219 (Freeport), Tanisha Tynes (Freeport) (242) 373-1897, tynestan@yahoo.com

See the Event Section for full online Registration and further information

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  • Voucher - Hanna Heastie Tynes Reunion 2020

    Discount :15%, Price: $ 168
    Valid until: June 2, 2020
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Hanna Heastie Tynes

Family Development Site

St. Aiden's Anglican Church, Pompey Bay, Acklins, Bahamas. The original Church Home of the Hanna Heastie Tynes Family in the Bahamas. See More at the Family's Historical Website at www.hannaian.com/family

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the Family's Development Activities

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  • Fast Ferry to Freeport, Grand Bahama for Family Reunion 2016

    Fast Ferry to Freeport, Grand Bahama for Family Reunion 2016

  • Mail In Reunion Registration Form

    Mail In Reunion Registration Form

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Freeport Reunion Map

  • Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas

    By Hanna Heastie Tynes Family 1495 days ago
    Sun-drenched beaches, turquoise waters, swaying palm trees and vibrant tropical sunsets of Grand Bahama Island are less than 60 miles from Florida and only a few hours by air from New York City. You are a world away from the ordinary, without being...
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