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Hannaian Intellectual Property & Capital Investing (HIPCI) Course

Hannaian Intellectual Property & Capital Investing (HIPCI) Course

Hannaian Intellectual Property & Capital Investing (HIPCI) is an online Course with Training Guides for empowering Individuals with the skills to become successful in the Worlds most powerful wealth building Tool, The Stock & Capital Markets.

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Hannaian Intellectual Property & Capital Investing (HIPCI) Course

Hannaian Intellectual Property & Capital Investing (HIPCI) Course

Owner: Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group

Center members: 2


Hannaian Intellectual Property & Capital Investing (HIPCI) is an online Course with Training Guides for empowering Individuals with the skills to become successful in the Worlds most powerful wealth building Tool, The Stock & Capital Markets.

Why are you not using the World's Greatest Wealth Building Tool?

Why are you not using the World's Greatest Wealth Building Tool?

Most people want to be rich and make a lot of money, and many of them even have some idea of how they think they can do it. However, lots of Studies have shown that most will never achieve their goal of being financially wealthy. Financial Wealth in a Capitalism Driven World is reserved for a rare few, and this will undoubtedly always be the case considering the many factors involved, not the least important being the lack of assiduousness that most of us practice. Those that do not inherit great wealth, or are not paid millions of dollars for their extraordinary, super talents, must then have a way to invest what they do have to gain true financial wealth. 

No job, occupation, or profession other than being a Star Athlete, Entertainer, or Movie Star will ever make the typical worker the millions of dollars a year that will put them in the truly wealthy class. Studies also show that more than 90% of startup businesses fail within a couple years of startup, and most people with business ideas never even start a business. The odds against becoming financially wealthy are enormous.

There is one business however that has a better percentage than others at potentially producing Generational Wealth. Becoming a Self Directed & Controlled Investor and Trader in the Publicly Traded Capital Markets, i.e. The Stock Markets. Self Directed & Controlled Investing and Trading is one of the few vocations that has the potential of producing the kind of wealth that eventually makes a difference. Even then, most will be unsuccessful, due to the failure to operate as a business, and engage in the assiduous efforts necessary to be competitive against experienced Investors and Traders.

Playing in the Money Game

Most experts in financial affairs contend that the most powerful way to become truly wealthy is to be connected to Wall Street and other world financial and capital markets as an investor, trader, or executive of a successful publicly traded company. This is evidenced empirically by simply studying a listing of the richest individuals in the U.S. and the world.

The modern trend of "Corporatism and Corporatization" previously identified in an earlier article, has demolished small business operations in favor of Capital Market funded large corporations controlling the World Economy. Small businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Investors now need to find ways to participate in these Wall Street wealth controlling activities.

The first step in this journey for most is becoming knowledgeable and active as an investor by understanding the workings of your 401(K)s, IRAs and other retirement accounts invested in the Capital Markets. Even more important is to gain a thorough understanding of Wall Street and Corporate Behavior, and operate as a Self Directed & Controlled Investor, utilizing Online Discount Brokerage Services to conduct Self Directed & Controlled Investing (SDCI). Investors and Traders who make a business of this practice make money and simultaneously learn the financial and corporate processes, strategies, and behaviors which are essential to building wealth and growing Wall Street Friendly and Globally Scalable (WFGS) businesses.

In other words, to really make big money a person must play in the game where money is the instrument, where money makes money. Playing in the right ball game is always the best way to be successful in any field of endeavor. Truly successful ballplayers must eventually play, or try to play, in the Major Leagues.

For most people, playing in the Stock Markets means becoming a Retail Investor and Trader. This is where investors need to start out and learn the insides and behavior of Wall Street and the Capital Markets. Some may even have the opportunity to benefit from Wall Street and Capital Market activity like Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Banking, and Operating or Directing companies which are fueled by the Private Capital Markets and Publicly Traded Stock Markets. If so, they are even more fortunate than the typical Retail Investor.

Investing Knowledge & Experience

There are many Stock and Securities Investment and Trading Systems where Retail Investors can become successful. Basic Stocks, Funds, & Bond Investing, Options Trading, Forex & Currency Trading, Commodities Trading, and others. All offer excellent opportunities to become wealthy if you study and invest the time in learning the particular Investing & Trading System.

Generally, Stock Market investing allows you to buy as much ownership as you can afford, of the best companies and businesses in the World, without any restrictions. It is the most reliable way of Building Generational Wealth, used in one way or the other by the richest people in the World to build their wealth. In other words, people who want to be truly financially wealthy and are not an investor, trader, or capital market supported business, playing in the game where money makes money (the Major Capital & Stock Markets), then they are playing in the wrong ball game.

An important reality of Investing is that no one has enough money to invest in all of the investment opportunities available at any point in time. In the large publicly traded capital markets of the world there are excellent investment and trading opportunities always available. Investors therefore, must make a choice of where to put their money to get the best Return on Investment (ROI) for any period of time. In other words, money cannot be working or invested in more than one place or opportunity at a time. It is the job of the investor to find the best place for investable money at any point in time. It may mean changing the investment when they see a better opportunity.

This is where the Liquidity of an Investment becomes important. The liquidity of an investment dictates how easy is it to get in and out of it, or change the investment and pull money out of it for whatever reason. This is the great advantage of Stock Market investing in publicly traded securities with high trading volumes, rather than in private Investments. The volume of shares traded is the most important element of liquidity.

Your knowledge and experience, combined with that of your fellow investors who speak the same investing language, and utilize the same system of investing as you do, is a most important element of your Investing and Trading success. You want to become part of the "Smart Money" in the Investment marketplace.

Investment and Trading success will ultimately be determined by how well you are able to compete against other experienced Investors and Traders in the Marketplace. This was one of the primary reasons Investment Groups like The Hannaian Investment Research & Publishing  Group (HIRPG) was established in the mid 1990's. HIPG wanted to ensure that its Membership was provided the proper training for their Research, Publishing, and Investment activities, so that they would become "Smart Money" Investors and Traders.

Membership in The HIPCI Course will provide members with the following benefits:

  • The HIPCI Ebook with constant updates available during the Members HIPCI subscription period.
  • One year's Membership in the Hannaian Investment Research & Publishing Group (HIRPG). HIRPG is unique in its history, purpose, and function in the United States. Founded in 1994, it is one of the largest and most successful Investment Research Groups in America. The Group and its members do not pool or otherwise utilize collective funds to invest as a group. Instead they pool and share their Investment Research and their proprietarily developed Investment Techniques & Strategies. The Members serve primarily as researchers of potentially profitable investments which they share with other Members. The Group's philosophy is to encourage Self Directed and Controlled Investing (SDCI) on an individual basis. 
  • Access to HIRPG's TraderLine Center for one year. The Hannaian TraderLine Center on NMEX is operated by the Hannaian Investment Research & Publishing Group (HIRPG) to report and share its investment research and related activities. The proprietary Investment Information within the TraderLine Center is constantly updated and contains the Hannaian Intellectual Property Stock Reports, based on research and investment techniques pioneered by HIRPG since 1994. The HIRPG system of investing is based on Self Directed and Controlled (SDCI) investing and trading as a business operation supported by shared research and reporting by HIRPG affiliates.
  • A full Marketing Automation Website on the National Market Exchange (NMEX) Integrated Marketing Automation Publishing Platform (IMAPP), that can be used for any legitimate purpose including being the primary Website for your Business Operations.
  • The HIPCI Course & associated materials can be purchased for $97 with a monthly subscription of and additional $19 a month payable through PayPal. After the initial purchase the Member will be granted access to the NMEX Platform as a HIPCI Member, and then enrolled in the HIRPG and HIPCI Groups. The initial $97 purchase Fee is non-refundable, however the monthly subscription and HIPCI membership can be stopped at any time by the Member with 30 days prior notice. Upon withdrawal from HIPCI Membership the Member can retain their NMEX Registration, The ownership of their NMEX Website, and their Ebook as updated at the time.

Click here to purchase membership in HIPCI to obtain all of the benefits listed above.

For further information please contact the HIPCI administration at IPCI@nmexcorp.com.



Brief description: Hannaian Intellectual Property & Capital Investing (HIPCI) is an online Course with Training Guides for empowering Individuals with the skills to become successful in the Worlds most powerful wealth building Tool, The Stock & Capital Markets.

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