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Hannaian Productions Development Group & Fund

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Hannaian Productions Development Group & Fund
Music, Art, Video, Digital, and Creative Asset Development, Publishing, Administration, & Marketing Internationally

Specialty Production Services
The Hannaian Productions Development Group (HPDG) is a subsidiary of Hannaian USA Corp. Its services assist and facilitate Entrepreneurs, Owners, Producers, Artists, and Rights Holders in the Securities, Investment, Music, Entertainment, Blockchain, and NFT Industries, to financially benefit from their Productions. In conjunction with Hannaian Law Associates (HLA) it provides Research, Investigation, Documentation and Recovery of Music and Entertainment Royalties for Royalty Rights Holders. It administrates Contracts, Other Intellectual Property Rights to Royalties, and oversees Music Publishing, Distribution, Performing Rights Organization Registrations, and Royalty Collections. HPDG provides Media, Sound & Video Recording, Publishing, Distribution, Administration, and Ancillary Services at several Studios and Media facilities: 

Hannaian Media Productions Network (HMPN)
HMPN based in Florida, Memphis, the Mississippi Delta, & New York City.

Hannaian Delta Productions (HDP)
HDP based in Memphis, Tennessee & the Mississippi Delta.

Hannaian International Productions (HIP)
Hannaian International Productions based in Nassau, Bahamas specializes in services essential for Musicians, Artists, Producers, and Creative Entrepreneurs seeking expert Production, Marketing, Distribution, Publishing and Administration Services in International Markets. It coordinates and collaborates with affiliated Hannaian Production Development Group facilities in providing services within the United States.

Hannaian Meta Productions, Promotions, & Distribution, Curation Service (HMPPDCS)
HMPPDCS provides support, management, investment, and joint venture opportunities and services for Songs, Books, Videos, and the Meta-Blockchain productions and careers of Musicians, and other Artists. The financial returns from these Curation services can be further invested into the Hannaian Fund, a Fund designed to further grow the assets in conjunction with the Hannaian Investment Group.

The Hannaian Metaverse Showcase (HMS)
HMS is an Online Celebrity Based Entertainment Showcase. Celebrities and those aspiring to be celebrities can showcase their talents, products & services, such as vignettes, shows, Music, Videos, Books, Internet Publishing Productions, and affiliate product sales & promotions etc., utilizing a NMEX type online platform which allows them the social media, group accessible and controlled, monetizable functions, either by themselves or with paid assistance, and/or joint ventures by the Hannaian Company.
Registered users will be able to host their own shows, showcase their memorabilia and exhibits and control access to their showcase in real time and with the sophisticated access and control mechanisms of a NMEX type platform. it will enhance the distribution of their productions, exhibitions, and merchandise.
HMS provides Music & Video Production & Recording Services, Internet & Book Publishing, Digital & NFT Blockchain Productions, Promotions, Legal & Administrative Services, and Investment & Funding options for Celebrity Owned Projects.

Song Production Analysis & Promotions (SPAP)
SPAP supports the millions of Song writers, Musicians, Producers and Entertainers who want to be successful in the Entertainment Industry.
SPAP provides a detailed analysis of songs, musical works, and recordings as to their:
-Production Quality
-Worldwide Intellectual Property Protection & Registration
-Potential for Commercial Success
SPAP also provides various Promotion Services designed to properly and successfully commercialize and monetize Songs and Musical Productions.
SPAP offers various packages of these Analysis & Promotion Services & Products at various prices.

The Hannaian Fund

The Hannaian Fund is a subsidiary of Hannaian U.S.A. Corp designed to provide Investment funding and access to Capital Markets & Wall Street for the operations of The Hannaian Productions Development Group (HPDG) and its clients. HPDG is directed by professionally trained and experienced Music & Entertainment Producer, Recording Engineer, Studio Owner, and Music & Entertainment, Intellectual Property, and Securities Attorney H. L. Hanna Jr.

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The Hannaian Productions Network Group (HPNG) was founded by Harlington L. Hanna Jr., an Intellectual Property & Securities Attorney with years of experience in the Intellectual Property, Music, Entertainment, and Investment Industries. He is also formally trained as a Sound Recording Engineer and has worked with some of the most accomplished personalities in the Music & Entertainment Industries. HPNG's services are designed to assist and facilitate Entrepreneurs, Owners, Producers, Artists, Creators, and Royalty Rights Holders in the Securities, Investment, Music, Entertainment, Blockchain, and NFT Industries. HPNG Services allows talented producers to fund and financially benefit from their Productions in the new Digital Global Environment. Hannaian International Productions (HIP) the International operations of HPNG are directed by C.E.O. Don T. Hanna Jr., Digital Artist & Producer.

For Contact & Further Information
Use Email or the Inquiry Section below for Questions about our Services, or to leave a Request for Services.

Hannaian Productions Network Group
P.O. Box 588
Indiantown, Florida 34956
(772) 486-3184


Please leave below, Inquiries & Questions about our Services, or a Request for Services


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