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The National Market Report - NMR On Air Shows

  • Public

NMR On Air - The National Market Report & Global Markets

NMR On Air - The National Market Report & Global Markets

NMR coverage of the changing of the South Carolina Flag at the Capitol in Columbia, South Carolina

The National Market Report & Global Markets (NMRGM) is a 60 minute Online Show produced by The Hannaian Media Productions Network (HMPN) with Live Broadcasts Digitally on HMPN weekly. It utilizes interactive technology which allows the Host(s), Correspondents, Special Guests and Viewers to interact wherever located with Google Meet & OBS, and YouTube & Facebook. It is YouTube Archived.

-The Show provides Informed Analysis and Discussion of Current Events, Global Markets, Investments, & Innovation, for Discerning Audiences

-It is Hosted by Harlington L. Hanna Jr., Intellectual Property, and Securities Attorney, and an experienced complement of expert special correspondents and selected invited guests.

-It is sponsored and supported by The Hannaian Affiliate Marketing Group (HAMG), and The Hannaian Investment Research & Publishing Group (HIRPG).

Copyright © 2022 Hannaian Media Productions Network (HMPN), All rights reserved.

NMRGM Special Correspondents

NMRGM Special Correspondents

Helen Bartlett-Hanna
-Educator, Speech Language Pathologist, Publisher
Debbie Bartlett
-International Media Host & Consultant
Carolyn Bell
-Health & Environmental Specialist
Clifford Black
-Educator, Epistemologist, Historian
Michael Brennen
-Chemist & Water Specialist, AME Bishop 
Eula Clarke
-Former Mayor Stuart Florida, Attorney
Steve Deveaux
-Capital Markets Investor & Agribusiness Expert
Joe Greer
-Dental Surgeon
Brian Hall
-Special Education Specialist
Dion Hanna
-Civil Rights Attorney, European Markets Specialist
Benjamin Head
-Attorney, Research Librarian
Felicia Hogan
-Attorney, Former Juvenile Court Judge
Roosevelt Jackson
-Ophthalmic Surgeon
Peter Mitchell
-International Business Consultant
Janet Netters-Olson
-Musical Artist, Music Industry Executive
Fred Newbold
-Canadian Markets Specialist
Trevor Nottage
-International Markets Specialist
Monique Olurin
-Accountant, Caribbean Markets Specialist
Tommie Richardson
-Addiction Medicine Specialist
Rodney Smith
-Community Economic Development Specialist
Grady Williams
-Optometric Physician

Next Scheduled NMR Broadcast

The NMRGM Show

Providing Informed Analysis & Discussion of Current Events, Global Markets, Investments, & Innovation, for Discerning Audiences
Hosted by
Harlington L. Hanna Jr.
Intellectual Property & Securities Attorney

"Successful Entrepreneurs & Investors closely follow Current Events because they understand that these Events can significantly impact the Profitability of their Business and Investment activities."

Current Topics of Analysis & Discussion

-The Attack on American Democracy
-Did Black Americans Invent Modern Democracy
-Can Capitalism & Corporatism Save American Democracy
-The Money Revolution in the Music & Entertainment Industries
-Understanding the New Metaverse Revolution
-Cryptocurrency & The Blockchain Universe
-How are Current Events Affecting Global Markets, Investments, & Innovation

Upcoming Show Correspondents & Special Guest(s)

Clifford Black, Benjamin Head, Steve Deveaux, Michael Brennen, Eula Clark, Helen Bartlett-Hanna.

Click the Google Meet Icon below to see the Next Scheduled Show
4.00pm EST, Sunday January 23, 2022.

Google Meet, Google's Zoom competitor, is now free for everyone | Ars  Technica

Please Visit Our Sponsors for specially arranged benefits

Previous NMR Broadcasts

See Archives for previous shows. 

Potential Sponsors of the NMR On Air Show should contact the National Market Report for the various sponsorship opportunities.



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Equity CrowdFunding in the U.S.

Segment 1

Public Market Stock Research and Investments
Review of Stocks and Securities and investment strategies to focus on in the publicly traded capital markets

Segment  2

Affiliate Marketing Strategies and Techniques
Review of Affiliate Marketing strategies, products, services, platforms and network opportunities

Segment  3

Special Topic
The Special Topic for this NMR Show will discuss the new paradigm of Equity CrowdFunding in the U.S. and what it will mean for U.S. Business Development and particularly for Minority Business Development.

As CrowdFunding becomes more visible, and as numerous players enter the CrowdFunding marketplace from all sides, it will be most important for entrepreneurs and potential CrowdFunding investors to become educated about investing in general.

The Show will be moderated by Intellectual Property and Securities Attorney Harlington L. Hanna Jr., CEO of the National Market Exchange Corp.

The viewing audience will be able to participate in a question and answer portion of the show.The Show is open to public viewing and participation at no cost. This broadcast is sponsored by The Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (HIPG).

Companies or projects seeking Equity Based Crowdfunding can utilize the Equity Crowdfunding Support Services Package offered through the NMEX Business Client Services Center. The NMEX Equity Crowdfunding Support Services Package is specifically designed to provide a source of affordable services to satisfy SEC compliance requirements for Issuers raising funds under the Title II and III Equity Based Crowdfunding laws and regulations.