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NMEX FotoOpps & FotoBanker Image Marketing Programs

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You must be registered and logged in to upload photos, and to view most photos.
Registration is free.



Make a FotoBoard Here

Make a FotoMarket Point of Sale Ad Here


Visit The FotoOpps & FotoBanker Business Opportunty Center

Bank Your Fotos & Win
FotoOpps.com & FotoBanker.com

NMEX FotoOpps & FotoBanker are powerful networking and marketing opportunity programs which can "Opportunize" images, utilizing the Photo and Video Modules on NMEX to market businesses, products, services, events, news articles, and projects. Photos and Videos can be Opportunized by easily uploading them either from an Iphone, Android, other handheld device, or directly from a computer. They are then further Opportunized using the Integrated Tools and Services on NMEX, and viewed and commented on by NMEX browsers, affiliates, and registered users.

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video a thousand pictures. When properly used, pictures and videos provide powerful tools and opportunities to market your business, project, event, or News related story.

Simply by using a mobile phone to take and upload business and project related photos and videos, entrepreneurs, and producers in particular, can utilize the NMEX FotoOpps & FotoBanker Image Marketing Programs as another important way to market their businesses through NMEX.

The powerful image display capabilities of PinBoards on NMEX used as FotoBoards provide unique display possibilities, and FotoAds in the Market and Classified Ads Section allow the images uploaded to be easily used to Market and sell your products and services. Fundraising activities for Institutions and Organizations are greatly enhanced with these Foto Display tools.

The photos and videos utilized in the FotoOpps program can also be linked to affiliate product marketing using strategies to generate income through the NMEX Content Affiliate Marketing (CAM), Product Affiliate Marketing (PAM), and NMEX Affiliate Marketing (NAM) Programs. When utilized in this way photos and videos become powerful content within the CAM, PAM and NAM programs, and provide an easy way to generate revenue from such activity.

The FotoOpps & FotoBanker programs utilize the sophisticated content marketing and sharing tools and functions on NMEX to spread the images throughout the Internet, including broadcast, print, other media outlets, and all Social Media Networks. This allows the photos and videos to be virally replicated by other non NMEX affiliated sites and Internet users. All NMEX photo and video content can easily be shared by simply clicking the share button above the content. When this content is also properly armed with Affiliate Product Advertising and NMEX marketed the income producing aspect of the content is exponentially increased.

Uploading Photos and videos through the NMEX FotoOpps & FotoBanker programs will also allow you to accumulate valuable NMEX Userpoints (Nupits) which are important transactional currency within the NMEX system and marketplace.



Make a FotoBoard Here

Make a FotoMarket Point of Sale Ad Here

You must be registered and logged in to upload photos, and to view most photos.
Registration is free.

Visit The FotoOpp & FotoBanker Business Opportunty Center



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