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NMEX CrowdFunding & CrowdPartnering Center (NCC)

NMEX CrowdFunding & CrowdPartnering Center (NCC)

The NMEX Crowd FundingCenter & CrowdPartnering (NCC) is an online Hub for NMEX users to CrowdFund & CrowdPartner their projects by providing nupits, gifts, other awards, or a combination of such to contributors to their project(s).

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How to Set Up a CrowdFund & CrowdVenture on NMEX

Last updated 3499 days ago by NMEX Aministration

Categories: Finance & Investments

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NMEX allows all types of Crowdfunding except Equity Based Crowdfunding where securities or other passive investments are solicited in exchange for any type of ownership interest in the project or company.

The four typical types of crowdfunding

1. Equity Based Crowdfunding: Investors receive some ownership in the company.
2. Donation Based Crowdfunding
: Contributions go towards a charitable cause.
3. Lending Based Crowdfunding:
Investors are repaid for their investment over a period of time.
4. Reward Based Crowfunding:
Investors receive tangible items or services in return for their funds or In-Kind contributions of goods & services.

In addition, the NMEX Crowdfunding platform allows a type of Crowdfunding for In-Kind Poducts & Services from rewards and donation based contributors, and potential joint venture partners. Through In-Kind Crowdfunding products and services are received rather than money, and it can be just as important to the growth and success of a project or company as monetary contributions, and many times is easier to achieve.

Crowdfunding on NMEX is limited to MarketMaker and Listed Company NMEX subscribers only. One advantage of NMEX Crowdfunding is that the process is free to these Subscribers, and all funds raised by the fundraising entity goes directly to the fundraiser. Additional fees are only applied if the fundraiser employs the assistance of NMEX Business Client Services for some purpose such as extra marketing, legal, or accounting assistance.

The success of any Crowdfunding effort involves many factors including a significant amount of marketing. Fundraisers should not expect to be successful in the heavily competitive Crowdfunding marketplace without significant marketing efforts employed to reach potential contributors.

Setting Up a NMEX Crowd Fund

NMEX Crowdfunds involve a two or three step process, all easily and quickly established. Step One involves setting up the Fund Page. Step Two involves setting up the associated Funding Voucher which contributors will use to contribute funds. Step Three is employed if the fundraiser desires to implement the In-Kind Products & Services type model.

Step One

A.  After registering and logging in, go to the Fund section of the Main Menu and create a Fund which describes the project to be funded in detail. Choose a descriptive Title for the project that will allow easy reference in other documents and marketing. (e.g. The John Smith Movie Fund)
B.  In the description portion of the Fund include a proprietary code of your choice right at the top of the description. This code will be used later in Step Two as a Funding Voucher Code. (e.g. Funding Voucher Code FV123456JS)
C.  Once the Fund Posting is completed, copy or record the URL of the Fund page on NMEX. It will be used in Step Two in the Funding Voucher.
D.  Place the proprietary code in the Tags section of the form.

Step Two

A.  After registering and logging in, go to the Voucher Section of the Main Menu and create a Funding Voucher for the Fund. There are three types of Vouchers generally used on NMEX, Funding Vouchers for Crowdfunding purposes, Discount Vouchers for discounting products and services, and Ticket Vouchers. When naming a Funding Voucher it is important to Name it similarly to the Name of the Fund established in Step One. Also, always identify it as a Funding Voucher. (e.g. Funding Voucher - The John Smith Movie Fund)
B.  In the Discount Field put a "0.0"
C.  In the Price of the Voucher put in a reasonable figure such as "10". This will be the minimum contribution amount and is multiplied by the Number of Vouchers in the Amount of Vouchers Field to give the Total amount of funds you are attempting to raise. Contributors will contribute by purchasing the number of Vouchers equal to their intended contribution.
D.  Contributions on NMEX are done through PayPal unless otherwise noted. PayPal will use the email of the Fund Raiser as registered on NMEX. This email must also be registered with PayPal so that the contribution flows directly to the Fund Raiser. NMEX does not collect and distribute any funds.
E.  Place the URL of the Fund Page from Step One in the Field for the Web Address where the Voucher is to be used.
F.  Place the proprietary code in the Voucher Code field, and in the Tags section of the form.

Step Three (only used for solicitation of In-Kind Products & Services)

A.  After registering and logging in, go to the Contracts Section of the Main Menu and create a Contract for solicitation of Products and Services and/or a Joint Venture Partner(s) needed for the Project. Remember to identify the Contract as a Crowdfunding Contract. (Funding Contract - The John Smith Movie Fund)
B.  Place the proprietary code in the Tags section of the form.



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