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Register to event 'Hannaian Investment Group 2021 Autumn Research Retreat - Building Generational Wealth'

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Date: 2021-10-07
General Overview of the Investment & Business Development Process
06:00 - 08:00Registration & Check In
DERC Conference Center, Marks, Mississippi USA
Attendee registration and check in onsite
06:30 - 07:00Hannaian Investment Group Investment Philosophy & New Horizons in Investing
Conference Room A
Presenter: Dr. Harlington L. Hanna Jr. CEO of the Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group (HIPG) will detail The HIPG Investment and Research philosophy, the operation of Public Capital Market Investing as a Business, and why it works over the many years of the Group's tenure, 1994 - present. New Horizons in Business & Investing including the New Paradigm of Blockchain & Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will be covered.
07:00 - 07:30Hannaian Affiliate Marketing Group Business Development Philosophy
Conference Room A
Presenter: Harlington L. Hanna Jr. details The Hannaian Affiliate Marketing Group (HAMG) Philosophy on Business Development, the new paradigm of Corporatism, and the role of Affiliate Marketing in modern Business Development. The utilization of Affiliate Marketing to assist in revenue and income generation for use in the ultimate wealth building process of Capital Market Investing.
07:30 - 08:00Education & Economic Development Investment in The Mississippi Delta
Conference Room A
Dr. Lori Spencer, Director of Development at Delta State University in Cleveland MS, details the need for appropriate Education essential to the Economic Development of The Mississippi Delta, and the important role and history of Delta State University in the process.
08:00 - 09:00HIPG Current Stock Portfolio
Conference Room A
Panel: Kimberly Richardson, Steve Deveaux, Roosevelt Jackson - Overview of the latest HIPG Portfolio of Stocks and ETFs currently being followed. General analysis of the Portfolio, the sector breakdown, and the value of the Intellectual Property involved will be covered. Investing versus Trading opportunities will be reviewed and discussed.
Date: 2021-10-08
Evaluation of Stocks, Investment Strategies and Business Development - Affiliate & Internet Marketing - IMAPing & DMAPing
01:15 - 02:15Mississippi Delta Investment & Economic Development Opportunities
Conference Room A
Panel - Velma Benson-Wilson, Director Quitman County Economic Development, State Rep Lataisha Jackson, Mound Bayou Mayor Eulah Peterson, Judge Earnestine Hunt Dorse, Estelle Greer, Former CEO Mid-South Food Bank, Seymour Mitchell Health & Economic Development Administrator - Other Panelists TBA - Mississippi Delta Economic Development Officials & Participants discuss available Investment & Business Opportunities in the Mississippi Delta.
02:15 - 10:00Mules & Blues Fest
Marks City Center
https://mules-bluesfest.org/ https://mules-bluesfest.org/about-during-festival/ The Marks Mules & Blues Fest is centered on the 1968 historical event of the “Mule Train” which kicked-off the Poor People’s Campaign to Washington, DC. It is linked to the established Delta Blues and the Mississippi Freedom Trails. The Marks Mules & Blues Festival showcases the north delta region's historical treasures, artistic talents - music, art, literature - and our southern style culinary skills.
08:30 - 09:15The ABCs of Investing for Beginners
Conference Room A
Presenters Steve Deveaux and Dr. Roosevelt Jackson will detail the Investment Industry, necessary terminology, definitions, classifications, and basic knowledge that beginning Investors must master in order to understand Public Capital Market Investing, and to begin operating their Investing as a Business. Important Tips for Beginning Investors, and The Micro Budget Investing Program for small Investors will also be detailed.
09:15 - 09:45Understanding Wall Street & Corporate Behavior - Business Development & Enhancement
Conference Room A
Panel: James Covington, Paul Dumars, Kenneth Daniels, H. L. Hanna Jr. - Understanding Wall Street & Corporate Behavior - Tracking Insider Trading - Strategies for business development and enhancement. Corporatism & Corporatizing. Affiliate Marketing processes and strategies for building and enhancing businesses.
09:45 - 10:15Setting Up a HIPG Based Stock Investing Business - Brokerages & Research Tools
Conference Room A
Panel: Kimberly Richardson, Steve Deveaux, Roosevelt Jackson Setting Up a HIPG Based Stock Investing Business - The Basics of Self Controlled & Directed Stock Investing. Evaluation and analysis of the Hannaian Stock Investing System. A Review of types and sources of Brokerage accounts, tools, and research sources for successful Investing and trading. Continuing Review of the stocks and companies in the current HIPG Stock Portfolio.
10:15 - 10:45Integrated Internet Publishing & Marketing Automation - IMAPing & DMAPing Techniques & Tools
Conference Room A
Presenter Harlington L. Hanna Jr. CEO of the National Market Exchange (NMEX) will discuss utilization of the Business Development Online Platform & Portal for successful Online business development. The discussion will cover the processes and techniques of sophisticated Internet Publishing and Marketing, Integrated Marketing Automated Publishing (IMAP), and Data Mining & Auto Posting (DMAP). A practicum on Affiliate Marketing & Internet Marketing and IMAPing & DMAPing processes where attendees will get hands on assistance in their Business Development and Enhancement needs, with particular emphasis on Integrated Marketing Automation Publishing (IMAP) techniques utilizing the National Market Exchange (NMEX) online processes. Attendees will receive assistance and experience with the special tools & software utilized in this most sophisticated paradigm of Internet Marketing.
10:45 - 11:30Public Market Stock Investing Strategies, Techniques & Tools
Conference Room A
Panel: Floyd Munn, Steve Deveaux, Joe Greer. - Strategies, Techniques & Tools utilized for Stock Investing, including HIPG's proprietary system of Self Directed, Self Controlled Investing in Intellectual Property rich companies. The Strategies, Techniques & Tools developed by HIPG over its many years as one of the Country's most unique Investment Research Groups. New Short Squeeze Trading Strategies covering the New GameStop Stock Phenomenon will also be covered.
11:30 - 11:45Stock Brokerage & Industry Representatives Roundtable
Conference Room A
Representatives from the Stock Brokerage and Investment Banking Industry detail the new and upcoming tools and platforms available for Retail Investors in the Stock Markets.
11:45 - 12:15BlockChain & Cryptocurrency Investing
Presenter H. L. Hanna Jr. explains the burgeoning BlockChain & Crypto Currency Industry and the investment opportunities in the sector. The session will cover the investment strategies and techniques needed to profit from such investments.
12:15 - 12:45The Need for a Capital Market Driven Economy (CMDE) for Black & Brown America
Conference Room A
Dr. H. L. Hanna Jr. presents and details his treatise on the need for a Capital Market Driven Economy (CMDE) to develop the Black & Brown Economy in America. The concept and Utilization of Hannaian Economic Development Investment Councils (HEDICs) to develop disadvantaged communities within the United States will also be detailed and explored. Strategies for funding Black & Brown Entrepreneurs & Businesses will be detailed.
12:45 - 01:15Understanding the Foundations of Corporate, Municipal, Government Bonds in Community Economic Development.
Conference Room A
Presenter. Dr. Kenneth N. Daniels, Director of the Daniels Foundation for Impact Investments and Development, Author of the New Book "No Tears", explores the foundations and utilization of Bonds and their role in Investments and Community Economic Development.
Date: 2021-10-09
Affiliate & Internet Marketing - IMAPing & DMAPing Practicum - Special Presentations
02:00 - 10:00King Biscuit Blues Festival
Helena, Arkansas
https://kingbiscuitfestival.com/ The King Biscuit Blues Festival is the largest of its type in the World. It attracts hundreds of thousands of people to the banks of the Mississippi River in Helena, Arkansas, this iconic festival, held the weekend before Columbus Day each October, continues to preserve the music of the Delta. The name stems from King Biscuit Time, the longest-running daily radio show.
08:30 - 09:15Long Term Investing, Swing Trading, Day Trading, International Investing - Strategies & Techniques (Continued)
Conference Room A
Panel - Betty Williams, Felicia Hogan, Helen Hanna, Other Panelists TBA - A discussion and training session on the various types of Investing, When to Buy, When to Sell and When to Hold for the typical Retail Investor in the publicly traded Stock Markets.Details of investing in International markets will be covered.
09:15 - 10:00Private Investing, Real Estate, Urban Development Investments
Conference Room A
Panel - Mayor Eula Clarke, Stuart FL, Alvin Graham Realtor, West Palm Beach FL, Dr. Joe Greer CEO, Good Health Institute, Memphis TN, Kimberly Richardson Attorney, New Orleans LA., Warren Price CEO South Memphis Fence Co. Memphis TN, Willie Nelson CEO The Nelson Group, Memphis TN, Peter Mitchell, International Business & Financial Consultant, Bahamas - A practicum on Private Investing, the Financing & other Funding of private Entrepreneurial business operations as apposed to publicly traded investing. Strategies for Real Estate, Urban Economic Development and other Private Placement Investments will be covered. Attendees will get hands on assistance in review of their Business Development and Enhancement needs, with particular emphasis on Private non publicly traded investments.
10:00 - 10:45Intellectual Property, Business, & Royalties in the Music & Entertainment Industry
Conference Room A
Presenters Janet Netters Olson of Olson Entertainment, and H. L. Hanna Jr., Intellectual Property & Music & Entertainment Attorney, discuss Investments in the Music & Entertainment Industry and the power of the money and royalties generated by the Music Industry. The history of the Artists of the Mississippi Delta, Birth Place of American Music and the Revenue they generated for the American Economy will be discussed. Special Tours of the STAX Museum and Beale Street in Memphis, TN, The Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, MS, and The Grammy Museum on the Campus of Delta State University in Cleveland, MS, will be organized for interested Attendees.
10:45 - 11:15From Civil Rights to Silver Rights
Conference Room A
Author James Covington, President Mississippi Urban League discusses the details of his Book and the move from Civil Rights to Silver Rights. The discussion will detail Strategies and the continued need for Black & Brown Entrepreneurs and Businesses to continue the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King's "Poor Peoples Campaign" which was birthed in Marks Mississippi.
11:15 - 12:00Innovative Organizational Operations, and Government Grant & Contracting Processes
Conference Room A
Panel - Carolyn Bell, Rodney Smith, Gwen Veterans, Paul Dumars, Steve Matthews, and Attorney Edward Dixon - Innovative Organizational Operations and Government Grants & Contracting Processes will be discussed as an essential activity for small businesses and entrepreneurs in building and maintaining business operations.
12:00 - 12:45Taxes for Capital Market Funded Entrepreneurs & Investors
Conference Room A
Certified Accountants Ingrid Bachelor and Christina Bachelor present on the Important topic of Taxes for Capital Market Funded Entrepreneurs & Investors. All Businesses and Investors in the Capital Markets must pay special attention to their State & Federal Taxes, and the Accounting structure of their business and investment operations.
12:45 - 01:45Mid South Legislative RoundTable on Investments for Community Economic Development
Dr. Diane Withers Moderates a Panel of Tennessee State Representatives Larry Miller, Joe Townes, London Lamar, Barbara Cooper, Jessie Chism, and Commissioner Van Turner President of West Tennessee NAACP. The Panel will discuss the needs and plans for Economic Development, and increased Investment Education and Investment Funding for Black & Brown Entrepreneurs and Businesses in the Mid-South and Delta Region.
Date: 2021-10-10
Review of Conference Investment & Business Info on Investments, Affiliate Marketing & Internet Marketing - Business Roundtable
09:00 - 10:00Day 4 - Investment Opportunities Review & Practicum
Conference Room A
A Review & Practicum on the HIPG Stocks, Bonds, ETFs Portfolio & Investment Strategies, Affiliate Marketing & Internet Marketing, and IMAPing & DMAPing processes. Attendees will get hands on assistance in review of their particular Investment & Business Development and Enhancement needs, with special emphasis on Integrated Marketing Automation Publishing (IMAP) techniques utilizing the National Market Exchange (NMEX) online processes they can use in their operations. In addition, attendees will receive assistance in Data Mining & Auto Posting (DMAP) strategies and techniques, including experience with the special software utilized in this most sophisticated paradigm of Internet Marketing.
10:00 - 12:00Business Roundtable - HIPG Member Business & Investment Opportunities Review
Panel - Dr. Joe Greer Dental Surgeon, Dr. Sam Heastie Psychologist & Professor, Warren Price CEO South Memphis Fence Co., Dr. Tommie Richardson Addictionologist, James Covington Internet Businessman & Author, Dr. Grady Williams, Optometric Physician, Benjamin Head Library Executive & Attorney, and others TBA. A panel of Professional Practitioners and Business Entrepreneurs discuss how they developed their successful practices and business operations, and provide answers to business development & investment questions and opportunities from Attendees.