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NMEX Internet Marketing Center

NMEX Internet Marketing Center

The NMEX Internet Marketing Center (NIMC) provides Users with marketing strategies, guidelines and Information. The basic premise of NIMC is that "You can never do too much marketing unless you are trying not to sell something".

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How to SEO & Market Prime Your NMEX Site & Content

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By NMEX Aministration in the group NMEX Internet Marketing Center 3489 days ago

Categories: Computers Software & Information Technology, Education Research & Innovation, Internet Technologies & Telecommunications, Publishing & Media

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Most experts feel that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your Internet site and content is the most important aspect of any Internet Marketing campaign or effort. This is so because SEO is a passive way of getting Internet searchers to your content, and is accomplished when the viewer is actually interested in searching and seeking out what it is they are interested in. In the current Internet marketplace most users conduct a search for what they are interested in, rather than go directly to the content or Internet website address (URL). Search engines promote this form of Internet usage which is obviously in their best interest. 

Properly SEO'd and Market Primed sites and content allow searchers to see and find you at the time they are most interested in what you may have to promote or sell when they conduct their search. It avoids your having to conduct an active campaign to recruit and convince them to visit you. Also, it is therefore less obtrusive than all the other Internet marketing processes which require you to actively find and contact your prospective contacts, which in today's saturated modern marketing environment is a major hurdle to overcome in order to be effective. Such active campaigns often interrupt and irritate viewers, particularly if you are repeatedly pitching products to the same audience as in typical social media networking and marketing.

The power of the NMEX platform is that it allows the sites and content within the platform to be easily and flexibly SEO'd unlike most other platforms, and particularly those of the popular Social Media Sites which are almost impossible to independently SEO in any effective form. The inability to effectively and independently SEO sites and content on such platforms is a major reason they are not used by professional Internet marketers to hold their primary content.

Internet Marketing Priority
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of Content
2. Targeted Email Marketing (TEM)
3. Data Mining & Auto Posting (DMAP)
4. Content Affiliate Marketing (CAM)
5. Product Affiliate Marketing (PAM)
6. Paid Advertising (PA)
7. Social Media Networking (SMN)

The steps to effective SEO and Content Market Priming are covered in detail by several Videos in the Video section of this center.

Generally the following steps should be implemented:

  1. It is extremely important that your profile page and any PinBoard used as the main page of your NMEX website or Content be properly SEOed. Your Profile description should be filled near the top of the description with the proper Long Tail Keywords related to your Site. You should use the Blog section to place your major articles and content. You may also use the Page section for content. The profile page should include the Latest Blog widget and Page widget so that there is a display of a list of your Blogs and Content directly on the Profile Page. The entire NMEX platform is effectively SEO'd through proprietary processes to make NMEX an Authoritative and Relevant Site for the various Search Engines. This process is continuously updated to keep current with changing SEO alogrithms. This is an important step in affording individual sites and content on the Platform with powerful general SEO coverage.
  2. Ensure that the content to be SEO'd is unique, of high quality, and tied directly to important Googleized keywords and phrases as possible. Typically well written content of more than 300 words, with well described and attached photos and videos enhances this process. In establishing the appropriate keywords, phrases, authorities, and competition Google Keyword Planner has become the standard tool to utilize, along with Google Trends and others. This process is covered in detail in the Video section
  3. Whenever budgets allow, appropriate domain urls should be purchased/obtained and pointed to your particular site and/or content on NMEX. This process is covered in detail in the Video section.
  4. Blacklinks on Authority sites should be established. This process is covered in detail in the Video section
  5. SEO on the Internet is effectively controlled by Google based practices, therefore the most important general Social Media Network to spend time and attention on for SEO purposes is utilization of your Google Plus account and its Authorship and Webmaster Tools provisions. Whenever possible, linkages should be routed through your Google Plus account to your website and content. SEO for secondary search purposes by sharing content on social media platforms with the automated NMEX sharing tools will facilitate search listings on these platforms.
  6. Use of some third party SEO tools and software can sometimes be helpful.

Ultimately your affiliate and Internet marketing efforts will essentially consist of three (3) steps. First, creating a Point of Sale (POS) site, usually by using the NMEX market and/or voucher facility, then creating some type of Capture Content (CC) with a NMEX pinboard, blog, page, news item, map, or photo album, and finally conducting your Active Marketing Outreach (AMO) program and activities to bring internet traffic and potential buyers to your Capture Content and/or Point of Sale sites.

Marketing Integration & Automation (I&A) Tools & Strategies
To assist Registered Entities and Business Development Clients in implementing marketing programs and priorities NMEX provides sophisticated state of the art Marketing Integration & Automation (I&A) Tools & Strategies through its specially designed I&A marketing platform and online hub.

Sites built and hosted on the NMEX platform are specially primed for sophisticated Internet Marketing with Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Friendly, FotoOpp Ready (FOR) and Data Capture & Sharing Ready (DCSR) capabilities.

See more in the section on 'Just Being on NMEX Makes a Difference'



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