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Albina Welsh

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By Albina Welsh 833 days ago

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Every form of art gets to a point where ideas run out. Commonly referred to as a block it is the point where you are not inspired and every idea does not flow to a reasonable and exciting end as usual. Idea block happens to filmmakers, novelists, artists, and musicians to mention a few.

Writers in essay services are no exception to idea blocks. On normal days you get a topic that will spark ideas leading to a perfect essay writing for your client within minutes. However, when idea ruts strike all those good ideas evaporate leaving you staring at a blank page. Finding that place that inspires creativity in you will get you out of your idea drought and back to business as usual much quicker. Get out of the house and try out the places in this list to bring back that spark to your pen:

  1. Cafes And Restaurants

It is a well known secret that many writers have created world sellers in cafes. It is almost a tradition. The most famous example is the Harry Potter series of books by J. K. Rowling written in the elephant house café in Edinburgh. The buzz of people around gets certain writers juices flowing and breaks the monotony of being enclosed in their house. A coffee shop brings the writer in contact with people from all walks of life. They get the opportunity to observe people’s behavior and translate that into their books while sipping their coffee. Another way to get ideas in coffee shops would be through the conversation one happens to overhear by accident. Just a fraction of what other people are talking about can be a basis to create a whole fictional world.

  1. Hotel rooms

Leaving the comfort of your house might be a great way to get back the writing groove. It has surely proven to bear fruits for some prominent writers over the years. Finding a quiet hotel somewhere where you can collect your thoughts has proven to be a method used by the world’s best writers. You are able to escape the distractions of home and solely focus on your writing. Hotels like the Betsy in Miami have a room for writers which has been occupied by many wishing to jot down some words.

  1. The Internet

The greatest invention of the modern day has to be the internet. Its increased application in everyday life makes it a whole library full of resources you need. Research into a topic you need to base your book upon can be done in a matter of minutes. Numerous blogs can offer insight to your writing and give you endless plot possibilities to choose from.  The internet has undoubtedly given modern day writers an edge over their predecessors who had to go for months looking into what to write in order to give a detailed account of events.

  1. The Train

The railway has been depicted by many films as a source of inspiration to writers. This is more than fiction. Authors like Alexander Chee wrote timeless classics in train cabins while on the move. J. K. Rowling has attributed the idea of Harry Potter to a four-hour train journey she used to take from work. Both the people in the train and the scenery can help a writer get out of that rut they are stuck in.

  1. The Silent Office At Home

Not everyone works well with too much going on in the vicinity. For those of us who cannot keep a constant stream of thought while there is endless chattering in our ear, then the best option is solitude. Patricia Park author of Re Jane admits that a silent room at home covered in slipcovers does it for her. She feels comfortable seated on her beat up armchair putting down her thoughts on paper. The same goes for the author of the life and death of Sophie Stark Anna North. Similarly, Charles Dickens felt most comfortable on his desk and chair while writing classics like Oliver twist and great expectations.

  1. The Car on a Ride.

Whether it is going home or on errand runs a car ride can be a good incubator of book ideas. You are free with your thoughts and can have an internal conversation with yourself freely. The car provides the comfort of a home office combined with the visual stimulation of a train. Through the many obstacles and interesting observations you make the car can be a good Petri dish for a bestselling novel. An author who finds good ideas in her car is Angela Flournoy.

  1. The Bar

Booze and good ideas might not seem like the right concoction for writing. However, some authors have found a balance of the two and produced exemplary works. Most writers go to their local booze spot to unwind and forget the low progress of their work. Writers like Vanessa Blakeslee is said to have written some fiction stories at a famous bar in Orlando.

  1. The Movies

As much as the big screen is criticized for dwarfing intelligence in its viewers, movies don’t differ to books. Films are just a written text with the characters brought to life. They can be of great help to a writer stuck in their writing steps. The story is summarized unlike picking a book and reading from scratch that would take a whole day or two to complete. After a two hour movie treat the author can get back to their work with a new idea borrowed from the screen.

Different environments bring out various levels of creativity in people. Some may find inspiration from observing people while for others the silence of an unfamiliar hotel room will do the trick. Any writer should explore what lengths their imaginations will reach in different environments to produce that work of art. It is also a good idea to return to that spot that flooded your mind with prospective plots anytime you hit idea blocks.


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