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Eddie Zebō specializes in a broad array of talents and skills which may be used to provide solutions to whatever issues may quarrel you.


Do you have a product and in need of a platform in order to get it to the people? Search no further becase Eddie Zebō has got you. No more wondering how to deliver your products and services to your global clients: the future is now. Regardless of if you are in need of a complete virtual marketplace or if you seek an avenue to supplement your store front, Eddie Zebō will deliver your business market to the next level.

Responsive Design

Have a high design user friendly site to bring in the masses. All sites are custom made to fullfil your needs and desires. Understanding innovative technoligy have adaptable sites that will welcome your customers regardless of how it is they acces your hosting webspage.

Web Security

After creation of the first house, the realization of needing doors for security purposes were realizwed; from there the addition of locks, and to this day security implements such technological innovations such as audio/video montioring and intrusion detection. Regardless of if you are need of a database, webpage, networking, e-commerce, messaging, content management or if it is for a day of you walking the streets Eddie Zebō will offer dependable solutions to suit the needs accomdating your security problems.


Here are some showcases of work proudly displayed in honor.

Missing People

Graphic Design

Startup Framework

Website Design

Word Press

Website Design


Website Design

Liaison Concierge Lifestyle

Website Design


Research And Development | R & D


Here is a little insight as to how this entire thing popped off.

  • ????-Present Day

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Problem Solving, Punctuality, And Passionate Over Math And Sciences...Born And Bred To Be What You Have Been Needing In Your World.

  • January 2013

    An Agency is Born

    Formal Instruction Began. Be Thankful For This Day.

  • August 2016

    Transition to Full Service

    The Master Was Awakened And The Quest Was Acknowledged And Accepted.

  • The Future and Beyond

    Phase Two Expansion

    With A Well-Rounded Understanding Of Innovation, We Are Willing And Able To Propel You Into Future Prosperity.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

Meet Some Of Our Incredible Associates #SquadGoals

Edwin Cruz

Lead Director Of Who Is Eddie Zebō | Designer

Proff. Clifford Black

Lead Marketer | Guru | Mentor | Teacher

Eddie Zebō

Lead Developer | Designer

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