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Leroy Alphonso

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Question: What is the best way to Invest the money I make from my business?

Leroy Alphonso
2252 days ago

Leroy Alphonso
Question: What is the best way to Invest the money I make from my business?

I  am interested in investing some of the money I make in my small business to provide an extra source of growth capital so I can then use the proceeds from the investment to help to grow my business.

How large is your business, how old is the operation, how much competition do you have, how fast is the business growing, and how profitable is it? Are you making a significant profit such that you can take money from the business without affecting the operations?

Hannaian Investment & Publishing Group 2252 days ago


Considering the initial comments posted above, all of these questions would need to be answered in order to give a specifically tailored answer. However some experts will say that if you intend to grow the business to any scale you should always put the money you make in a growing business back into to support its growth. That being said their are business operations that have an excess of cash flow that can or need to be invested outside of the business to provide a level of diversification of the company's assets. This is an important concept because all businesses strive for the situation where they can make the kinds of profits that would allow such diversification. The feeling among many on Wall Street is that growth is easier done by merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, which also provides a level of diversification.

In any event the knowledge of, and expertise in investing either in the public and private markets is an important attribute that all business operators need.